So I’ve Been Spiritually Abused, What Next? – What Healthy Belief in God is Not

From Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome’s Facebook page

Here are five quick and easy ways to determine if what you’re hearing really has anything to do with God:

  • If it produces fear, it doesn’t.
  • If it is self-diminishing, it doesn’t. If it motivates hate, it doesn’t.
  • If it produces shame, it doesn’t.
  • If it robs you of freedom, it doesn’t.

Any belief in God cannot be true if it promotes…

  • a disparaging view of myself,
  • a disparaging view of others,
  • separation between human beings,
  • fear,
  • shame,
  • hatred,
  • pride,
  • conditions to love,
  • conditions to grace,
  • injustice,
  • conformity,
  • oppression,
  • repression,
  • inauthenticity,
  • judging others,
  • indifference,
  • prejudice,
  • racism,
  • sexism,
  • unnecessary restraint

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