Quoting Quiverfull: Wait, What? The Womb Creates Our Emotions?

Remember when NLQ used to use a dropped coffee cup emblem to represent the administrator’s reaction to much of what was posted in Quoting Quiverfull? Today deserves a fleet of dropped coffee cups in reaction to Nancy Campbell’s words about the womb. Here’s a mushroom cloud of exploded coffee to represent my reaction posting this.

by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies – The Blessing of Your Womb

Genesis 49:25 talks about the “blessings of the breasts, and of the womb.” Blessings? Yes, God says they are His blessings to us as women. But they are ultimately His blessings to the whole world for without them mankind would come to a screeching halt!

One of the meanings of womb is “a place where something originates and develops.” The womb is the commencement of life, the beginning and continuing of generations, the origin of dynasties to come, and also the filling of eternity. Every precious life that is conceived in the womb is an eternal soul who will live forever. The power of the womb is eternal.

Woman is a compound of two words, womb and man. Every woman is a “womb man.” Her womb differentiates her from man. Why, then do many women deny their womb? Close off their womb? Makes sure it cannot function? It is the deception of Satan who hates life.

But, not only is the womb a nesting place of life, it is also the source of our emotions and our compassion. It is amazing that the word womb in the Bible is interchangeable between the physical womb of a woman and God’s compassion, tender love, and mercy. When we embrace our womb, we not only have the privilege of embracing children, but we have the honor of revealing God’s compassion and love to the world.

Embrace the blessing of your womb. It is very much who you are as a woman. Ask your husband to pray God’s protection over your womb.

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