Quoting Quiverfull: Bless Your Children and They Will Rebel Less (But You’ll Still Have to Spank Them)

spankingchildby Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies – Swift to Bless

As we seek to walk in the likeness of God, we should have the same characteristics, even in disciplining our children. I believe with all my heart that we have a responsibility to train our children to obey. We must discipline immediately for disobedience, rebellion, and defiance. But we don’t do this out of frustration and anger, but out of love, knowing that we are preparing our children to have listening ears and be obedient to God.

However, I gradually learned in the raising of our children that if we are “swift to bless” and this becomes the habit of our mothering that we will often have to chide less. Sometimes children act out rebelliously because they are seeking attention and they do it in a negative way. But if we constantly bless and encourage them throughout the day, their “tank” is filled up and they will not be screaming for attention.

Try being “swift to bless” today. Don’t wait until your children are being naughty to give them attention. Look at them and smile at them. Tell them you are so glad that God gave them to you. Tell them you believe they are going to be a blessing to the world as they follow in the ways of the world. Speak positive and good things into their lives. 
Squeeze their shoulder. Hug them whenever you are near them. 

Yes, you will still have to deal with disobedience and so on at times, but it will be much less.

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