Quoting Quiverfull: Part 6 – Homeschooling? Who Needs Stinkin’ Edumakashun?

quotingquiverfullby Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy – Homeschooling High Schoolers

Editor’s note: This is the last little toxic part. How Michael can believe that educated people with legitimate careers and salaries cannot support their families boggles my mind. Does he not have a son in law that sits around studying the Bible without working while the family lives without running water? Book learning is never ignorance no matter how Michael spins it. It was enough in the days of Abraham Lincoln for him to become self-educated on his way to the White House. Why not take full advantage of the educational opportunities in America that many in the world would love to have?

Over the last 40 years I have observed many families who believed the greater the education, the greater the success in life. Many of those college graduates have never provided adequate support for their own families. Opportunity existed, but they were not able to do anything other than sit at a desk for a weekly salary. If the economy were to collapse, they would not know how to survive. Isolated book learning is true ignorance—ignorance of real life.

In your heart you know that the present public system is anti-human as well as anti-God. Homeschoolers have eliminated the anti-God aspect, but most of them have retained the anti-human elements in their schooling.

In conclusion, children and young people should not be pushed by anxious paren ts who feel that their children’s happiness depends on cramming them full of book knowledge. When they are old enough to send themselves through college, they can make the decision to become a professional student. The self-confidence and working skills learned in their youth will better equip them for life as well as higher education.

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