Kansas Marriage Retreat ‘Get Them Married’ Cancelled

Screen cap of confirmation from the Salvation Army
Screen cap of confirmation from the Salvation Army

We just got word a few minutes ago that the Let Them Marry retreat for families to meet and possibly arrange marriages slated for November in Wichita, Kansas has been cancelled by Salvation Army. This comes in the wake of Vyckie Garrison’s article yesterday on Raw Story and other bloggers and news sources picking up her story.

Vyckie has written a followup with confirmations from the Salvation Army that the event is no longer scheduled at their facility. From Raw Story – Salvation Army Bans Duggar Cult ‘Retreat’ That Promoted Arranged Marriages for Teen Girls

So many people were horrified by the idea of young adults and under the age of consent teenagers being brought to the retreat and into a possible betrothal that the story was widely shared on Facebook. Many readers reacted by reaching out to the Salvation Army since this was scheduled to be held on the grounds of Salvation Army’s Hiawatha Camp and Retreat Center.

It stands to reason that the Salvation Army would not want to condone this type of behavior. Mr. Ohlman’s eldest was married to 16 year old Laura Camp three years ago and has stated that marriage should take place at as young an age as possible after physical maturity. ‘Get Them Married’ indeed, no matter how the law frowns upon it. Sadly, the law in Kansas says that any parent may give a child into marriage at any age, there is no minimum age requirement if the parents give permission.

Some are calling this interstate commerce and sex trafficking, making this retreat a possible violation of the Mann Act. There is talk of contacting the FBI by some of the commenters.

It’s likely this will be rescheduled and moved to another location.

Vaughn Ohlman, the man behind this retreat and the owner of Let Them Marry had this to say earlier to his critics online on his other site Just Get Married – A Flood of Attention. He disputes much of what has been said at various message boards and news media.

As a reader of your site has already pointed out, we do not support child marriages or child sexual activity. In fact we support sexual activity at a much later age than the government seems to desire. The government schools and other organizations charged with managing the sexual lives of our children seem to believe that our children should learn all about the joys of anal sex at five years old, and by twelve should be getting condoms out of vending machines, rolling in the sack with their partner of choice, and then (when the condoms fail) going out and murdering their children at taxpayer expense without even bothering to inform their parents.We, on the other hand, do not believe in sex until marriage, and don’t believe in marriage until the parents believe the child is ready and they have fully developed secondary sexual characteristics. We understand that they might enjoy sex before that, and even get pregnant, but we are such spoilsports that we believe that sex should wait until it is safe for the wife to get pregnant and deliver a baby.

Stay tuned for developing info.

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