In this new, kinder, gentler Michael Pearl piece from No Greater Joy magazine he never once mentions that lurking plastic plumbing pipe he tells people to wield against their rebellious babies and children. Instead he draws a very disturbing analogy, comparing children to hot house flowers. But children are not plants any more than unmarried girls are apples. The Pearls are promoting their appearance at Duggar son-in-law’s family camp. Nothing like doubling down on child abuse. Stay in touch! Like… Read more

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife is whinging on and on again on the same subjects she’s already worn out. Don’t work outside the home. Do fawn over your husband like he’s a six foot tall chocolate Easter Bunny. Shut up and listen to older women like Lori because your own thoughts are selfish, selfish, selfish. And a soupcon of Lori saying she does not judge women. I’m calling fiddlesticks on this last one. All she does is meanly judge… Read more

I’m betting that Jim Bob Duggar, Duggar patriarch, is having major hissy fits behinds the scenes right now. I can almost hear his freakouts from here on the other side of the world. Why? Because his daughter Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, he of the missionary-begging, the surgery on his jaw and teeth and first Duggar son in law is tweeting out that he’s not getting paid a dime from TLC, but someone (Jim Bob) is. You should see the dance… Read more

Will try to resume posting here while it looks like I have at least another week perhaps two of ‘mananas’ until the Ticos install my interwebs. For now I’m going to be eating out a lot just to leach onto someone elses wifi to update here. Tonight I am at Witch’s Rock in Tamarindo with endless nachos and mojitos. I need the mojitos desperately after reading through the piles of drivel at Lori Alexander’s site, what’s happening with Derick Dillard’s… Read more

So I am lurking this morning in a McDonald’s in Liberia, Costa Rica furiously researching who Josiah Duggar’s new fiancee, Lauren Swanson is. It’s a very inconvenient time for Cable Ticas manána which means it could any day in the next week that they come set up my wifi because I’m seriously curious if this is Kevin Swanson’s daughter. Several readers on here and other sites have asked the same question. It bears asking, as I will explain later. For… Read more

  Hey Paul Pettit of the Dallas Theological Seminary I am quoting Lori Alexander AGAIN today. Mostly because its easier than chasing down the Nancy Campbell posting from Above Rubies that Lori, umm, err, ‘imitated/possibly copied or rewrote’. I’m reaching for the low hanging fruit today because I’m busy picking the mangos and starfruit at my new house. I have internet today and today only during my adventure moving and I just had to share this recent Lori Alexander post…. Read more

The Transformed Wife Lori Alexander has been on a role this week. She’s been fat shaming women and claiming that you do not need educated homeschooling mothers to turn out a very educated homeschooled populace. Today’s post I’m not even posting here as it was her taking something by Nancy Campbell about how a stay at home mother prevents all ills with the children. Initially we’re planned on posting about the withdrawal of the lawsuit against Bill Gothard by ex… Read more

by Cindy Kunsman The Ironic Tragedy of Missing the Point What Troubled Teen Home Survivors Share with Quiverfull A day after Jo Wright and Tara Cummings were featured in an interview on NPR’s Morning Edition, an early release of Zack Bonnie’s second memoir installment popped up in my inbox. Jo and Tara spoke about their experiences at New Bethany Home for Girls which once operated in Louisiana – a Troubled Teen Home (TTH) affiliated with the Independent Fundamental Baptists (IFB)…. Read more

Sharing this story because it sounds very much like the passive-aggressive revenge plots that happen in these extreme submission of women Evangelical marriages. If you are not allowed to really discuss truthfully the things bothering you then your only outlet as a wife is to find a passive-aggressive way to make your point. From the archives of Debi and Michael Pearl at No Greater Joy. It should be titled ‘Debi’s Revenge’ instead of ‘How to Get Kids to Remember’ Michael… Read more

There have been some inquiries through NLQ’s Facebook page asking if anyone has heard anything on the status of the Turpin family situation. Turns out that David and Louise Turpin have been hit with additional legal charges. The Turpins, if you recall, are the homeschooling religious family in Perris, California that used homeschooling to cover up the extreme abuse and starvation of their 13 children. The children ranged in age from 29 years old to 2 years old. The neglect… Read more

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