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NLQ Posts by Hopewell NLQ FAQ: Are Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar “Quiverfull”?Quiverfull Daughters: The Making of a HelpmeetDebt-Free Duggars ~ Pt. 1: How Quiverfull Couples Support All Those Kids!Debt-Free Duggars ~ Pt. 2: Quiverfull Royalty vs. Quivering RealityA Love That Multiplies ~ The Duggar’s New BookNLQ Review: Sex, Mom and God by Frank Schaeffer49 Character Qualities of the Duggars: A Report CardOf Pilgrims, Puritans, and PatriarchsThe 14 Basic Needs of Jim-Bob and Michelle DuggarRaising my daughter to be a keeper at home: Maybe, maybe not!You know you read too many blogs when you can describe your day this way …More from Hopewel … [Read more...]

My Brave Sisters

by AJ cross posted from her blog I am PhoenixThe other day, I saw an ad for a TV show where a group of Amish young people were set loose in NYC. I laughed because I knew what they were going through. I've lived through a similar experience, except there weren't cameras following my every move. I grew up in a cult that was similar to Amish or Mennonite homes, … [Read more...]

“Defrauding” or How Men Can Keep Women From Stumbling!

by Hopewell - crossposted from her blog Hopewell Takes On LIFE! sourceThanks to TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" America has discovered Bill Gothard's idea of  "defrauding" or making men "stumble." How does this happen? If you watch the show you know it's because someone forgot to call out the code word "Nike" to warn the men and boys to avert their eyes. Without the warning they could see a women immodestly dressed and be led to think unholy or impure thoughts--hence they will "stumble" in their walk with God and be "defrauded." … [Read more...]

News Links September 5, 2012

Sometimes churches need to be reminded that if they campaign for a certain party or candidate they put their tax exempt status at risk - ChicoER - Editorial: Church runs afoul of rulesThere's an interesting article by Jenny Rae Armstrong over at Red Letter Christians about Patriarchy, Pop Culture, and PornograpyThoughts on handling a large family after leaving Quiverfull Patriarch world far behind. Recovering from Religion - When the Grass Looks Greener Elsewhere- Be Sure the Fertilizer Works in Your Yard!And for anyone that needs a reminder of poisonous and destructive Patriarchy and Quiverfull beliefs can be just one quick read through the Duggar-approved 7 Basic Needs of a … [Read more...]

NLQ FAQ Revisited: Are Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar “Quiverfull”?

by HopewellQ: Are the Duggars Quiverfull?By their own admission, Jim-Bob and Michelle were so “grieved” after reading the information pamphlet in a birth control pill package that they turned their fertility over to God. (“About Us” para.1 See also, Dallas News).  That decision has been the reason for their incredible family size of 19 children.Recently the media has offered several profiles of just who are “Quiverfull” families.Increasingly, the presence of such large, ideologically driven families is being documented through the medium of the age: reality TV shows and lifestyle cable channel specials, all of which campily depict Quiverfull life as like regular mother … [Read more...]

To Stand Up and Speak: The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blog Network

by Melissa Permission to LiveMy sister was the one who introduced me to No Longer Quivering. She didn’t actually mean to, she told me she was reading a website called Quivering Daughters, and when I googled it I found No Longer Quivering instead. I wanted to make sure that this was a good thing for a Christian to read, and so I looked around for what the conservative Christian community was saying about the website, and read that the founder of the site was a raving atheist and a lesbian. Of course neither claim was true, I believe at that point Vyckie Garrison was only questioning her faith, and even though she now considers herself an atheist, I have never experienced to her to b … [Read more...]

Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network

The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network is a project of Vyckie Garrison and the guest writers at No Longer Quivering.What is Spiritual Abuse?About the Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs NetworkJoin the NetworkSpiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network Blogging TipsSASBN - The Fine Print: RulesSASBN Style GuideSASBN ArticlesTHE SPIRITUAL ABUSE SURVIVOR BLOGS NETWORKNo Longer Quivering - Vyckie GarrisonEvery Breaking Wave - Suzanne TitkemeyerThe Phoenix and the Olive Branch - SierraWordgazer’s Words - Kristen RosserIncongruous Circumspection - Joe SandsBaptist Taliban and Beyond - Cindy FosterMari's Muses - MariPast Tense Present Pro … [Read more...]

The 14 Basic Needs of Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar

 by Hopewell Recently  on “19 Kids and Counting,” Michelle Duggar was seen giving women a handout on the “7 Basic Needs of a Husband,” a document produced and distributed by the Advanced Training Institute –the Duggar’s “homeschool group.” She also gave out the group's “Character Qualities” chart, which I discussed in an earlier post, The 49 Character Qualities of the Duggars.The 14 Basic Needs of Jim-Bob and Michelle Duggar: How they meet each other’s 7 Basic Needs:7 Basic Needs of a Husband:A man needs a wife who is loyal and supportive: Obviously, Jim-Bob picked the right wife! Michelle has been there with him, supportive to the max, thru years of small businesses, … [Read more...]


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Quiverfull Topics [Note: Categories with no articles listed beneath them are coming soon ... :)] √ Biblical Manhood & Womanhood PatriarchyLet The Men Speak: “Quiverfull nearly destroyed our marriage” When Promises Become Dreams : Doing Marriage God’s Way by AfricaTurtle It’s Complicated: Why It Wasn’t As Obvious As It Seems Like It Should Have Been by Journey Of Pilgrims, Puritans, and Patriarchs by Hopewell We were put in the back of the church on hard chairs as a punishment for not conforming by ErikaThe God Card ~ Thoughts on Patriarchal TeachingsThoughts On Patriarchal Teachings Subordinate but Equal Thoughts From The Excellent Wife Ask Your HusbandPolygamy Sibling Re … [Read more...]