NLQ Question of the Week: Why is Anger so Feared?

This is a new series we have started running on Thursdays. Examining some of the questions involving long held Quiverfull theology and life.Today's question is why is anger so feared and discouraged in Quiverfull life? Seems in the real world that anger does hold a legitimate place, can be a catalyst for real change, forward momentum instead of always being destructive. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Controlling Your Tongue?

by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies - Can You Hold Your Tongue?Editor's note: Everything in Quiverfull is about control, controlling, squashing out almost everything that is natural and normal as far as thoughts, words and emotions go. How healthy that for anyone? Not very. … [Read more...]

Quit Complaining, Your Suffering is Nothing Compared to What Jesus Faced

by Bruce Gerencser cross posted from his blog The Life and Times of Bruce GerencserSnark Ahead! Easily offended Evangelicals should avoid reading this post. You’ve been warned!One way Evangelical preachers shame complaining congregants into silence is to remind them of Jesus’ suffering on the cross for sin. One such example of this kind of thinking was recently posted on the Seeking His Kingdom blog. In a July 18, 2016 post titled Why Do You Make Me Suffer?, Andi Garcia — a woman who believes she is “supposed to share His [God’s]  message and to let others know that we are to seek Him at all times” — had this to say about those who complain: … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Only You Can Do the Housework?

by Lori Alexander from Always Learning - The Consternation Over HouseworkEditor's note: The beginning of this piece Lori was talking about how something she wrote about women only doing the housework went viral. I cannot find what she's talking about, but it doesn't matter since she's apparently repeating it here again. While she's right that loading and unloading a dishwasher and folding clothes are very quick and easy tasks, it's not clear anywhere in the Bible that either are GENDERED tasks like she claims. Here there are times when my husband has done the dishes and I've mowed the grass. Last night he scrubbed the toilet and vacuumed our guest bedroom while I picked a ton of produce … [Read more...]

Answering ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’ – Kind Yet Reserve?

Another installment of giving better answers to the questions asked at Debi Pearl’s site message board for the book ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’. Many young ladies ask questions on all sorts of different subjects brought up by the book. There was just one big problem, many of the answers stray into either the outright bad and emotionally unhealthy to dangerous. Yes, typical Debi Pearl borderline abusive. Here’s what we’re going to be doing here at NLQ. Every week, once or twice a week, I’ll be posting up one of the questions from the message board and ask you, our readers, to answer that poor soul’s question in a way that is logical,  rational and the best possible solution, in other words 1 … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: You Are Doing Submission Wrong?

by Lori Alexander from Always Learning - Disastrous Results With Headship/SubmissionEditor's note: Lori gets an email from someone saying that submission didn't work for her marriage and she, of course, has to tell the lady that the writer and her husband are doing it wrong. As usual the letter writer is accused of being controlling and not minding her thoughts. Both of those are some of the more damaging ideas in Evangelical Quiverfull. … [Read more...]

QF – The View From Here – Introduction to the High Demand Group Concept

by Cindy Kunsman cross posted from her blog Redeeming DinahAll images by Cindy Kunsman from Redeeming Dinah and used with permission. This series of posts results includes excerpts from information shared with a journalist in August of 2015 who had questions about the Quiverfull Movement as it related to the Duggar Family. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Cult-like Preachers and Bonafide Church?

by Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church - 501c3 = Lame Excuse Not to Go to ChurchEditor's note: Either Pastor Anderson is getting some pretty enormous push back from within his own church over a multitude of issues, or he's decided the best way to recruit for his hate group is by blogging because he's blogging sometimes two and three times a day now. This is a muddled mess of word salad that has to do with tax status of a church. Check out the hysterical clip of 'King of the Hill's Bobby Hill eating potato chips Anderson is using to illustrate this bit. Or if you're really desperate for a laugh read Anderson's posting explaining social media for dummies - The Green Grass of … [Read more...]

10 Reasons Calvinism Was Attractive to Me

by Lana Hope cross posted from her blog Wide Open GroundI grew up evangelical, but became a Calvinist when I was 16, and eventually started attending the Reformed Baptist church. Here’s a 10 reasons I was attracted to Calvinism.1. It made more sense from a fundamental, literal interpretation of the Bible. The Bible says, “and all those who were appointed to eternal life believed.” What else could this mean other than some were appointed and others not?2. Calvinism took fear out of hell. Calvinism says that if you desire Christ, then you are of the elect. You don’t have to sweat and pray the sinners prayer over and over. If you have desire, you're in. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: You Better Be Bowing and Scraping?

by Steven Anderson from Faithful Word Baptist Church - Appreciating Your SpouseEditor's note: To be completely fair here Anderson did mention one short paragraph about how a husband should be appreciative over a wife. But then he spent the next three paragraphs telling a wife how she is to esteem her husband. Seems a bit lopsided doesn't it. Are we really expected to make a fuss over a man doing something that is his responsibility in the first place? The sexism is rampant. Having a penis does not exempt you from doing your share of running the household and you shouldn't have to be petted and thanked every single time you manage to load the dishwasher! Ladies, when your husband lands … [Read more...]