News: How Many More Dead Homeschooled Children Will It Take?

by Suzanne TitkemeyerI've avoided this story, avoided reading it, avoided posting it here at NLQ. Why? Because of the many disturbing implications of this incident, because I know too many churches too well that this could have happened in from my former faith life.  It makes me sick thinking about this boy's last hours.This week the New Hartford Word of Life Christian Church beat a member to death. Beat him to death in an attempt to get this nineteen year old young man who expressed a wish to leave the church into confessing some imaginary litany of sins. They just about killed his 17 year old brother too. But Christopher Leonard was lucky. He's alive and currently in serious … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: So the Problem When Looking is Really Judgmentalism Not Lust?

Found on Ladies Against Feminism but written by Tim Challies from - It's Not Just a Guy ThingEditor's note: The part quoted by Ladies Against Feminism is very odd, just the beginning of the post, without going into the scary-blame-y meat of this thing. The first part was the standard yapping about men looking at women with lust.  According to Tim Challies it is not so much an issue of men ogling random women, but women also looking at folks and judging them. Way to take a Christians-mostly problem in the church and make it all about blaming women. Most people not in the church do not care if others are looking at them and secretly lusting. Very creepy. … [Read more...]

Created To Need A Help Meet: Part 7 Mr Steady (Give Your Ornamental Wife A Purpose)

by Aletha cross posted from her blog Yllom Mormonpp 98-99This section is interesting to me. In fact, I think it is one of the more intriguing sections I've read. Mostly because Michael comes dangerously close to saying women have needs and desires of their own. Yeah, I was shocked, too. Read on! … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: What The Duggars and Dillards Are Really Doing in Central America Besides Living On Donors Money?

Found on the Facebook group Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray by Carissa from the blog Windsong Imagery - God's Work in El SalvadorEditor's note: All that speculation over what the Duggars and the Dillards do on their SOS Mission trips beyond hand out Dollar Tree trinkets to the locals has been answered by someone that has been on a few trips with them. Are they helping build homes, or feeding people, or doing anything of any practical use? Nope, it's straight up Catholic-bashing and trying to convert Catholics to be evangelicals. All those folks that gave generously to Jill and Derick Dillard didn't just pay for their travel back and forth and back and forth … [Read more...]

Follow Up To My Post On Anna Duggar

by Lana Hope cross posted from her blog Wide Open Ground(This a follow up to Stop 'Knowing' What Anna Duggar Will Do)I’m just a small blog, so don’t normally get that much disagreements voiced to my posts.But my post on Anna Duggar, not surprisingly, created a lot of controversial (for the controversial comments, check the cross-post comment sections on Homeschoolers Anonymous and No Longer Quivering).  In that post, I argued that we should leave Anna Duggar alone, and I maintained that we should stop calling her brainwashed. I asserted that she is a victim, and contended that we need to let her own her story. Several readers disagreed with me, arguing that she is famous, has hurt … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Women Whine Too Much?

by Tim Bayly from The Bayly Blog - Evangelical Feminists: Wanna talk about me?Editor's note: Tim Bayly is still having his ongoing hissy fit over the idea that Christian women like Patheos writers Rachel Miller and Valerie Hobbs of Jesus Creed talk about toxic patriarchy, like that practiced by Doug Wilson and John Piper. This time he is reacting with predictable and boring hostility to a report by women researchers at Gordon College on the gender disparity in the church. This is at least his third, maybe fourth piece about evil unsilent women where he's stomping his feet and behaving like a toddler instead of what he claims to be, a man. What is it about these Good Christian (tm) Men … [Read more...]

NLQ’s Question of the Week: Why No Autonomy For Unmarried Adult Children?

This is a new series we have started running on Thursdays. Examining some of the questions involving long held Quiverfull theology and life.One of the things that is noticeable in many of the Answering 'Preparing To Be A Help Meet' questions and as we read through the writings of various Christian Patriarchal Movement culture enforcers (waving hello at Von Ohlman, Geoffrey Botkin, Michael Pearl and others) is that it's clear that in the world of Quiverfull unmarried adult children are expected to remain at home at the beck and call of their parents. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Cover Up You Temptress?

by Lisa Jacobson as reposted by Daughters of the King - Avert Your EyesEditor's note: We've shared this piece of shaming and blaming before, but it bears revisiting in light of the sexual scandals in many churches and the budding rape culture in the worlds of fundamentalism, evangelical and quiverfull Christianity.  What about teaching young men to not think of women's bodies as pieces of meat meant for sex or sexual temptation, and to treat them like genuine people? Do you think that might end this sort of torment for this poor kid if he wasn't hyper-sexualized by purity culture? … [Read more...]

Mythical Creation Science: Part 2 Doesn’t Carbon-14 Disprove The Bible?

by Mel cross posted from her blog When Cows & Kids Collide(You can read Part 1 here)In the previous post in this series, I gave a lengthy, but hopefully accessible overview of how radioactive dating work using carbon-14 dating (also referred to as radiocarbon dating).At the end, I pointed out two scientific and mathematic points that YEC supporters neglect to bring up: 1) In YEC, the earth is 6,000 years old.  This means that all radiocarbon dating should give us an age of 1.04 half-lives or less.  (Because I'm sporting, I'll spot them 1,100 years and extend the half-life limit to 1.25 half-lives or 7,143 years and 9 months.) … [Read more...]

Not Quoting Quiverfull: Examples of Christian Rape Culture?

by Shaney Irene from Faith Filled Thoughts From The Front Porch - Everyday Examples of Christian Rape CultureEditor's note: This is an excellent article with many different aspects of how rape culture is prominent in Evangelical Christianity and Quiverfull. Only sharing the first three points, so you'll need to go to the original article to read the rest. The question that this brings up in my mind is how do we go around ending rape culture in the church? Do we call it out and not tolerate it? Or do we work from within to end it? … [Read more...]