Quoting Quiverfull: Nursing Hormones Prevent Cancer?

by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies - I'm Done!Editor's note: This is a part of a posting Nancy Campbell made telling the ladies commenting on Above Rubies that they are done with having children that they are not following 'God's Will' followed by a list of the benefits of having as many children as possible. This is point #3. Pure Nancy 'Science' is not a reason to go on breeding, bearing and breastfeeding innumerable children. If it were then why didn't Nancy herself have more natural children? Speaking of which we still do not know what has become of her adopted Liberian children that disappeared completely from her family and her writings. Where are they Nancy? … [Read more...]

Lies Women Believe – Review: 91 – 114

by Samantha Field cross posted from her blog Samantha P Field.comI think dividing up the review by the various “Lies” Nancy uses worked really well last week, so I’m going to keep doing that. Sorry for the irregular posting schedule as of late– it’s been an interesting few weeks, but I think I’m back in the flow of things now. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: God is Micromanaging Your House?

by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies - By The SpiritEditor's note: Sounds like Nancy is running out of things to claim that God wants to control. Now she's claiming He is even wanting to decide how you store your pots and pans and where you put the spice rack. Sounds like a petty and controlling God with nothing better to do, not worth worshiping and bowing down too. 1 Condiments 3:4 "Thou shall not store the pans under the sink, and must line up your can labels!" only exists in the recesses of Nancy's mind. … [Read more...]

The Language of Cults, Duggars and Quiverfull: How to Communicate With People Outside the Subculture

by Cindy Kunsman cross posted from her blog Under Much GraceHow do we define a cult in respect to the Duggars and Quiverfull?I wrote all kinds of material that never made it into Hillary McFarland's Quivering Daughters book, but I was grateful to many people who peer reviewed my contributions to it.  Along with concerns about technical accuracy, I also wanted to see how people without intimate knowledge of religion or homeschooling would respond to the material.I began to more deeply appreciate two primary lessons regarding the discussion of the issues involved with the Patriarchy/Quiverfull Movement. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Control Your Thoughts and Get a Crown?

by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies - Are You Wearing Your Golden Crown?Editor's note: Another control your thoughts or else piece from Nancy. The different in this one is that she promised a golden crown if you do so, not the usual blaming and shaming routine with threats of all the awful things that will happen if you don't control your negative thoughts. … [Read more...]

Created To Need A Help Meet – Part 6: Mr. Visionary (Look At Porn And Your Kids Will Die!)

by Aletha cross posted from her blog Yllom Mormonpp 83-84We are still talking about Visionaries. In fact, today we are talking about idle Visionaries. And King David! The weird thing is, Michael never says David was a Visionary. I keep thinking of what I know about his story, and I would categorize him more as a Command man, if I had to choose. Maybe a bit of steady thrown in, but not really a Visionary. But let's see where Michael goes with this. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Christianity and Divorce?

by an anonymous letter writer asking Michael Pearl's advice on divorce and remarriage at No Greater Joy - Divorce and RemarriageEditor's note: This is a bit unusual of a posting. Instead of directly quoting Michael Pearl on some topic he's bloviating on and putting others down in I'm posting the sad letter his ministry received by someone who sounds like they need help. This is what can happen when you try to legalistically try to follow every word in the Bible. Michael does not directly answer her question on if her marriage is adultery. Instead he tries to sell her his new book being published on Nov. 1, 2015 on divorce and remarriage, which is why I'm not posting his reply to her … [Read more...]

The Genesis of Eternal Subordinationism Part 3 of Tim Keller on Sex

by Cindy Kunsman cross posted from her blog Under Much GraceHaving discussed this issue privately with Shirley Taylor, and as a continuation of this theme and topic, I include it here as part of our dialogue.  In a post that will follow in a close to this theme, I will include Shirley's summary statements concerning this theology and what those who find it problematic can do.  Before hand, I will delve into the connection between holiness and marriage in subsequent post.  It's all so much to take in because it is so convoluted, and the Calvinist learning curve is steep. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Infidelity Is The Wife’s Fault?

Biblical Gender Roles from Biblical Gender Roles.com - Five Reasons Josh Duggar and Other Christian Mean Fall Into Sexual ImmoralityEditor's note: We knew this would be one of the 'go to' reasons by BGR, the wife not giving out the sex and kind of sex that the man is supposedly hard-wired by God to desire. That's sort of like blaming a head of lettuce when you're dieting, you slip and eat a doughnut. It's not the head of lettuce's fault, it's yours for not controlling your unhealthy desires. Just glad he doesn't say it's right to cheat when you're not getting the amount and type of sex you want. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Don’t Trust Your Own Feelings?

by C. S. Lewis as quoted by Vaughn Ohlman at True Love Doesn't WaitEditor's note: Of course we know that Vaughn is sharing this paragraph for a two fold purpose. 1) To claim that feelings of love have no place in the decision of whom to marry and 2) to make that fundamentalist claim that feelings are not important at all, that you have to deny them. We all know what this type of emotional denial and thought crimes leads straight to. It's never mentally healthy to deny your own thoughts and emotions. … [Read more...]