Questioning the Pearls: I’m Angry at Her Attitude?

For well over a year we’ve been running a second Answering ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’ on Sundays, filled with questions by young ladies trying to get ready for marriage. Since we’ve run through many of the questions on their site it’s time to shift Sundays to something else, like perhaps examining the cornucopia of probably fake emails and questions that Michael and Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy post on their website and the possibly poisonous answers they give. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 1 – Being Abused? You Still Cannot Divorce Him?

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife - Divorcing a Persistent Porn Addict?Editor's note: This is going just too far now. Ms. Alexander thinks that porn or possible abuse is no reason to divorce. Her advice? Suffer and stay. There has to be a special place in hell for women that urge others to do harmful things. … [Read more...]

Loving The Sinner…

by Living Liminal cross posted from her blog Living Liminal Love the sinner, but hate the sin.Despite what some people say, this phrase is not from the bible.But it is frequently used by Christians an excuse to declare how sinful the 'lifestyle choices' of others are."I love you, but you're going to hell." "I'm only telling you how sinful you are because I love you." … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Scientific Ignorance is Bliss?

by Doug Wilson from Blog and Mablog - The Darwinism Crack Up Will Be TelevisedEditor's note: This is some of the thinking in the homeschooling Quiverfull world that scares me, people like Doug Wilson who clearly do not understand at all how science works, how scientific investigation and natural laws work, and believe only the few things they can personally observe in the world, but only filtered through the lens of a bronze age book. It does not make for people who hold a fully rounded education, and propagates 'alternative facts' for scientific proof. It reminds me of the parable of the group of blind men exploring the elephant. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Doug Wilson Justifies Victim-Blaming?

by Doug Wilson of Blog and MaBlog - No Goddess Can Ever Save UsEditor's note: Choice selections from Doug Wilson's crazy town word salad he is using to justify his Potiphar's wife and Amnon posts written from the point of view of the transgressor. Be sure and go read the entire nasty thing on Wilson's site, it's long, rambling, pointless and word salad-y. Not really lining up with the words of Christ, but sure slinging mud onto anyone that thinks the things he said were creepy or vile. Bring some dressing and puke bucket if you read it. … [Read more...]

The Power of the Transformed Wife – Misunderstanding Proverbs 31 to Mean Stay Home and Clean

by Suzanne TitkemeyerWe're on Chapter 12 this week in Lori Alexander's confused and confusing tome on the role of submissive women in their families. The title is 'Keepers at Home' and it contains some doozies of toxic nuggets along with a willful misinterpretation of what the Proverbs 31 woman looks like.Let me state that this chapter coming right now in my life is seriously triggering to me. I am packing for an overseas move to Costa Rica. At the same time I am having my house slightly remodeled to rent the house out, new bedroom carpets and painted along with a few upgrades. I'm up to my eyeballs in boxes, dust, shreds of wallpaper being removed, someone else tearing out my … [Read more...]

Michael Pearl Says Beating Two-Year-Olds is the Best Way to Get Them to Behave

by Bruce Gerencser cross posted from his blog The Life and Times of Bruce GerencserIn the March/April 2017 edition of No Greater Joy, Michael Pearl gives advice to a mother who is frustrated with her toddler’s rebellious behavior. The mother wants to know the most effective way to turn her hellion into an angel. She describes her problem this way: My son is 2 years and 10 months. He is a bright, affectionate, patient, obedient child. Or at least he was until about 3–4 weeks ago. At that point he decided to start fighting me on EVERYTHING. Today I told him that he couldn’t wear his shoes upstairs (he never wears his shoes in the house, far less upstairs, and he was already wearing just so … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Satan Tricks Women Using Their Emotions?

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife - Satan Preys on the Vulnerability of WomenEditor's note: So if I'm reading Lori's fan girl's letter here she's saying that women getting together to pray or study the Bible are just gossiping and ignoring their mandate to be home silently raising their children? Why is it always all or nothing? Lori talks in her book about getting together in groups to teach other women but this makes it sound like for everyone else but Lori it is a sin. Isolationism at it's finest. Yes, yes, it's much easier to control and manipulate isolated people. … [Read more...]

NLQ Question of the Week: Why Are Women Isolated?

This is a series we run every Thursday. The questions are things that people who may not know much about the Quiverfull movement or even Fundamentalist or Evangelical Christianity ask about the lifestyle. Examining some of the questions involving Quiverfull theology and life can only shine a light on the toxic nature of this lifestyle choice. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Submission Never Leads to Abuse?

by one of Lori Alexander's commenters and Lori's reply to her at The Transformed Wife - Why Don't Women's Bible Studies Teach Godly Submission?Editor's note: Lori's post from yesterday was the republishing of a letter received. The letter had mentions of another of her blog posts on women and teaching. There was also a mention of input from a comment left by a man and another woman. This is the comment that the letter writer mentions as appreciating Lori's response. Lori preaching the biggest lie in Quiverfull, that submission done the 'right' way never leads to abuse. I am jaw dropped at the arrogance of some of Lori's assertions. Why would anyone chose to follow and believe the words … [Read more...]