Quoting Quiverfull: Emotions and Thoughts Are Sin Too?


by John Piper from Desiring God and Council on Biblical Manhood & Womanhood tweeted and then deleted. From Spiritual Sounding Board's Facebook page.Editor's note: One of the most poisonous teachings in the world of both Quiverfull and Evangelical Christianity is that your own feelings and emotions are a sin. They take the notion that anything you think or feel is sinful when if you take an objective look at the Ten Commandments all of the rules stem from actions, not thoughts or emotions. Demonizing emotion is a good way to ensure your flock stays feeling guilty at all times and firmly under the control of the cult leader. … [Read more...]

A Nonreligious Experience

Image from Kaleesha Williams

by Kaleesha Williams from her blog The Lost (And Found) Mind of Kaleesha WilliamsIt’s a sunny July afternoon. Unusually cool and pleasant for July, as the mild breeze drifting casually in through the propped -open door attests. I’m standing near the circulation desk at our small-town library, waiting for two of my older children to finish checking out their books. One of my younger children is near me, her nose in a picture book, and my three year old is playing peek-a-boo around the corner of the desk with a sixty-something year old lady at a table near the resource room. She is smiling at my boy and chuckling when he shyly ducks away where he can’t be seen, only to peek at her again a m … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Can You Really Cause Your Children To Be Really ‘Saved’?


by Tim Challies from Challies.com and quoted by Ladies Against Feminism - Do You Believe God Will Save Your Kids? Editor's note: While this isn't our usual QQ quotes of pop out as many children as possible and beat them to make them mind, it's an interesting thought. Finally, some one in the Evangelical Christian world is admitting that the old ways don't work that well. There are no guarantees or magic formulas, one size doesn't fit all. It rings true for me, as I'm sure it does many of you who thought if you just did x,y, or z then your children would turn out to be believers for a life time only to see them completely reject everything about faith after they became adults. Or perhaps … [Read more...]

Why I Can’t Go To Christian Conferences

Image by Kristen Rosser from Wordgazer's Words

by Kristen Rosser cross posted from her blog Wordgazer's Words Canadian author and Christian blogger Sarah Bessey wrote on her blog this week a piece called In Which I Have All the Feelings About Conferences.  Here are some of the things she said: Conferences are the new church planting phenomenon: everyone wants to do it. Everyone thinks theirs is different. Everyone thinks they’ll be the real voice of Jesus or the one to reach their generation. We’ve got a niche for you! conferences for everyone! you get a conference! and you get a conference! and you get a conference! but part of me doesn’t like conferences – not as a model, not as an experience, let alone as a method for real and lastin … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: The Most Important Thing For Mothers To Have Is ‘Zeal’?


by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies - Put Zeal Into Your Mothering TodayEditor's note: Nancy likes to return to the same themes time and time again. When this piece turned up on Above Rubies I decided to see how many times in recent history at NLQ we've quoted Nancy urging mothers to have zeal in their mothering. Turns out it's  over six times in the last six months that Nancy has urged mothers to have zeal or be zealous over their children. Guess you can only invent so many ways to say the same thing. … [Read more...]

Why I Avoid “Christian” Businesses or What is Screwed Up About a Home-Based Economy

Image by Suzanne Titkemeyer

by Suzanne Titkemeyer cross posted from her blog What Would Roger Sterling Do?As I have stated at NLQ and here, years ago I had a business making worship flags, the large banners that hang in churches, silk altar cloths, you name it. If it was something a sacristan would handle in the church, it was something I made. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Should There Be Rules Governing Public Access For Un Vaccinated Children?


by Matt Walsh from The Matt Walsh Blog - So Should We Just Round Up The Anti-Vaccine Parents And Ship Them To Guantanamo? (Don't be afraid to click on the link as we always use 'Do Not Link' on Matt's blog, but be prepared for a huge number of pop up ads.)Editor's note: Since the exposure of unvaccinated children and adults at Disneyland to someone with an active case of measles leading to a spreading outbreak of a disease thought to be eradicated years ago there's been much talk of isolating those without the vaccination.  Many physicians offices, schools and other public places are starting to ban the unvaccinated. The Anti-Vaxxer movement is firmly entrenched in the world of QF and E … [Read more...]

The Loneliness of Those Who Leave the Church

Image by Bruce Gerencser

by Bruce Gerencser cross posted from his blog The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser From your earliest recollection you remember the church. You remember the preacher, the piano player, the deacons, and your Sunday School teacher. You remember the youth group and all the fun activities. You remember getting saved and baptized. You remember being in church every time the doors were open. You remember everything in your life revolving around the church. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Treating Children Like Burdens?


by Carrie Anne Hudson from Rescued Remnant - Raising or Resenting Our ChildrenEditor's note: Found this particular blog through one of the crowd funded adoption blogs. This woman is a missionary in China along with her family and likes to post things poking at things in American culture she doesn't like disguised as Christian thought. Here she's claiming that there are large numbers of parents that treat their children as if they are burdens instead of valuable members of the family. While I'm sure there are some out in the world that do treat their children like burdens and are resentful it doesn't seem to be huge numbers of folks acting like this out in public, no matter what belief … [Read more...]

Rejected But Free! (What Price Acceptance?)

Image from Living Liminal

by Living Liminal cross posted from her blog Living LiminalAs anyone who's visited my Facebook Page could tell you, I read a lot of blogs. That's who I am. I read, I ponder, I process. A lot. It's how I'm made. (Apparently, some people believe "thinking too much" is a sin - but that's another story...)Anyway I recently came across a post by Andy Gill entitled Escaping Evangelicalism. But it was the subtitle that caught my eye, "The Process of Healing from Spiritual and Theological Abuse".In it, he talks about his struggle to fit in: … [Read more...]