Quoting Quiverfull: You Do Not Learn in College?

by Zsuzsanna Anderson of Are They All Yours?? - Q & A Answers Part OneEditor's note: Sorry Zsu, but there are some subjects/professions that cannot be learned by reading or apprenticeship. Remember that twin to twin transfusion thing you were suffering from during your pregnancy with Boaz? The doctor that treated her did not learn how from a book, he went to post grad med school. Which is why there is higher learning. This is more about the Anderson family not wanting their kids exposed to people who think and live differently than they do. … [Read more...]

Christians Upset Over Satanic Christmas Display

by Bruce Gerencser cross posted from his blog The Life and Times of Bruce GerencserEditor's note: the photo of this sculpture being discussed can be seen at Bruce's site.“Tis the season for Christians to be upset over things that they feel profane the “true” meaning of Christmas — the birth of Jesus Christ. A recent scuffle in Boca Raton is case in point. CBS News reports: … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Only Happy Christian Marriage Produce Healthy Children?

by Colin Campbell from Meat For Men - The Father's Heart ContinuedEditor's note: Colin seems to think that people cannot come out of other family relationships and turn out fine. Guess it's better in his world to grit your teeth in a bad marriage while pretending to be happ-happ-happy than to live in family structures that work best for you and your children. … [Read more...]

Mack Ford and New Bethany: Is Justice Delayed Justice At All For Carol Ann Cole?

by Suzanne TitkemeyerWhile law enforcement investigation into the murder of Carol Ann Cole has stated publicly that they think there is no possible connection between the murder and Independent Fundamentalist Baptist pastor Mack Ford it also cannot be conclusively ruled out either. At least not by what evidence was released to the public. If there is evidence completely ruling out Mack Ford and anyone at New Bethany we have not seen it. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Be Quiverfull to Spread God’s Image?

by Colin Campbell from Meat For Men - Wouldn't This Make a Difference To This World?Editor's note: Have to say this is one of the strangest reasonings I've seen to justify militant fecundity. If all people bear the image of God then how is Christians rampantly breeding thinking they are the only ones spreading God's image? Playing a game of theology twister are we Colin? … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Lori Alexander

by AnonymousDear Lori, I happened upon your blog following a link from a different one. Your writings are something I would have lapped up when I first got married nearly fourteen years ago, so this letter is basically me trying to protect that very young, naive, just married me from the harm your writings would have caused. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Does This Sound Like a Proverbs 31 Woman?

by Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife - She Does Him Good and Not Evil: 31:12Editor's note: Lori's extrapolating out her own thoughts again and trying to make them 'Biblical'. While some of these are what a good wife will do regardless of what religion, if any, they practice she's really stretching hard on many of them. Example: Lori claims you stay home and keep the house immaculate unlike the words in Proverbs 31 indicating that the lady of the house had servants to do those things while she was about her business. What do you think is the most toxic bit here? … [Read more...]

Questioning the Pearls – Spy On Your Child?

Publishing this today instead of Sunday due to the holidays.For well over a year we’ve been running a second Answering ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’ on Sundays, filled with questions by young ladies trying to get ready for marriage. Since we’ve run through many of the questions on their site it’s time to shift Sundays to something else, like perhaps examining the cornucopia of probably fake emails and questions that Michael and Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy post on their website and the possibly poisonous answers they give. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Never Miss an Opportunity to Gay-Bash?

by Tim Bayly of Bayly Blog - "Gay Icon" George Michael Dies...Editor's note: I was wondering on Christmas night how long it would take the usual homophobic pastors of Quiverfull to somehow make the tragic passing of George Michael into all about their religion. Didn't take long at all. No Mr. Bayly, the essence of manhood is not responsibility! … [Read more...]

A CranioRectal Inversion as Both Nemesis and Insightful Tool

by Cindy Kunsman cross posted from her blog Under Much GraceAll images by Cindy Kunsman and Under Much Grace and used with permission Just a reminder that the purpose of this discussion aims at stimulating thought and self awareness as tools to help those in recovery from trauma learn how to make safer choices. To make the discussion more jocular, we've defined Cognitive Biases as “CranioRectal Inversions” (CRI).The False Consensus Bias refers to a tendency to overestimate the number of people who share our views, beliefs, values, and behaviors. I tend to think of Descartes' “I think therefore I am.” If I start with myself at the center of my understanding, it seems to naturally foll … [Read more...]