Quoting Quiverfull: Sex Toys Infested With Demons?

by Mack Major as quoted by Huffington Post - Christian Author Mack Major Says Female Masturbation 'Direct Path To Satan' Editor's note: The pile of sex toy photos at the original link might be NSFW in many places so you have been warned. While the fundamentalist crowd has been saying demons are in almost everything from Halloween candy to movies this is the first time I've seen this claim.Apparently Dominionist Evangelical Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz is also anti-sex toy too. … [Read more...]

Balancing Hope and Safety in Stage One Recovery

by Cindy Kunsman cross posted from her blog Under Much Grace and part of her series on healing.All images by Cindy Kunsman from Under Much Grace and used with permission. During the last year in a spiritually abusive Shepherding-Discipleship church, I developed all sorts of allergies, partly because of how my body voiced what I could not through new, more intense illness, and partly because of the general hard toll that trauma took on my immune system. Two physicians recommended that I see a hypnotherapist, but I didn't feel comfortable with the idea. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 2 – It’s Biblical For Men to Need More Than One Wife?

by Larry Solomon from Biblical Gender Roles - Why Would God Make Men With Polygynous Natures When They Cannot Act Upon Them? (as usual no direct link to this guy - it is the top most piece on his website)Editor's note: Here Larry is trying to claim that God gave men desires for more than one woman as a way to protect and provide for women. He's claiming it's for the benefit of women. Let's ask some of the female escapees from the FDLS how well protected and provided for they felt during their years in polygamy. Larry is clearly pulling this nonsense straight out of his testicles. … [Read more...]

Duggar Family Scandals Time Line

Last year after Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar gave an interview to Fox New reporter Megyn Kelly I did a time line cross referencing every thing the Duggar parents lied about in the interview.  I realized the other day that oodles more has happened since then so I added more of the scandals and rumors to the time line. Posting them here for anyone unclear about the who/what/where of the various scandals of Josh Duggar and family. You can enlarge each by clicking on it. … [Read more...]

Created To Need A Help Meet: Part 8 Washing of the Word (Women Can’t Have a Personal Relationship With God)

by Aletha cross posted from her blog Yllom Mormonpp 161-162Last section we were enlightened as to how stains form on wives. The answer is, of course, sexual sins. Apparently sexual stains can be picked up from everything-public school, music, sexual abuse, even close friendships. Today we are discussing the deep stains that make a wife unclean. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 1 – It’s Biblical For Men to Need More Than One Wife?

by Larry Solomon from Biblical Gender Roles.com - Why Would God Make Men With Polygynous Natures When They Cannot Act On Them? (not linking to the post - if you want to read it in its entirety it's the first piece that currently comes up on his site)Editor's note: First we start with a question by one of Larry's readers puzzling over the nature of men. Her question is in red text. … [Read more...]

Does the Devil Make the Music?

by Cindy Foster cross posted from her blog Finding FundamentalI woke up yesterday morning to the glorious sound of music.My twenty-year old son Dillon, was on our desk-top computer in our living room listening to his favorite songs on YouTube. Often he listens through headphones, but this time he was letting his music serenade me through the speakers of our computer as he would if he were listening to the radio.He likes to do that for me. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Stop Making My Husband Sin?

by Melissa from Far Above Rubies - Two Years Later, My Heart Still AchesEditor's note: You remember this lady, don't you? Her piece on how her teenage son was tempted and tried by all the slutty sluts around him daring to wear swimsuits and shorts? She's updated her thoughts and it's more doubling down on the toxic message that women make men sin by not being 'modest' enough. Messages like these make me so angry that marching down the street naked starts to look like a good option (not really, I don't want to frighten my townfolks, but you get my drift..) … [Read more...]

It’s Not That Complicated: Part 1 Chapter 7

by Mel cross posted from her blog When Cows and Kids CollideQuotes from the book appear in blue text.Chapter 7 is titled "The Heart: Victim or Perpetrator - Getting Your Heart to Follow You".This chapter crystallizes a market-share problem that the Botkin Family hasn't quite solved yet.  The number of people who are willing and able to buy a Christian Patriarchy book is a set, limited market. To get the best returns on the investment in the book, the Botkins need to attract as many sub-divisions of the Christian Patriarchy, Quiverfull and Christian Homeschooling groups as possible.  The Botkin Sisters' first book "So Much More" was published in 2005 … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Part 3 – This is the Damage Female Cultural Enforcers do in Quiverfull

by an anonymous letter writer to Ladies Against Feminism’s Lori Alexander on her personal blog Always Learning – Taking Responsibility For Her Own UnhappinessEditor's note: Here's the final bit. I personally find it disturbing that she's sometimes praying for her husband 'through gritted teeth'. To me that indicates that nothing has actually really changed in her marriage, only in her own mind by denial of needs and emotions and forced cheerfulness. We all know how that works out in the long run. … [Read more...]