Quoting Quiverfull: Feminism Causes Suicide and Depression?

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife - Depression and Suicide Rocketing Skyrocketing Among WomenEditor's note: This woman Jamieson she's quoting in the first paragraph not only believes that not being a stay at home wife and mother causes depression and suicidie, she also believes in the unscientific notion of a 'Wandering Womb' that will suffocate a woman from the inside. That alone invalidates anything she might have to say. I'd like to see a legitimate study from a accredited source before I would believe one word of this. Also, telling a depressed person considering ending their lives can be downright harmful. Sometimes just simply saying something supportive and non-judging … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Drag Queens Reading to Children Sinful Plot of the Devil?

Written by Laurie Higgins from The Illinois Family Institute found on Doug Wilson's Blog and MablogEditor's note: Another cause of Christian Evangelicals focusing on very minor things that are none of their business while ignoring all the things Jesus said they should do, like feeding people, taking care of widows and children, visiting people in prison, the list goes on and on. Just like this rant about the sexuality of worms and people. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Your Husband Should NOT Be Your ‘Best Friend’?

by Michal Crum of Warhorn and ridiculously rubber-stamped by Tim Bayly, he of the thin, weak, easily-threatened masculinity - BAM!Editor's note: Oh brother! So what all are we supposed to do and be in Quiverfull according to the cultural enforcers, cheerful, modest, sacrificial servant husbands and children, but we're not allowed to be best friend to that same husband? While I will agree with the author that to have a happy and healthy marriage one does not need to be joined at the hip 24 hours a day, it is important to be friends on a deeper level than you are with many of your other friends. … [Read more...]

The Newest Threat to Christianity is Fidget Spinners?

Found on Facebook on a Christian conspiracy page:Thoughts?Stay in touch! Like No Longer Quivering on Facebook:No Longer QuiveringIf this is your first time visiting NLQ please read our Welcome page and our Comment Policy!Copyright notice: If you use any content from NLQ, including any of our research or Quoting Quiverfull quotes, please give us credit and a link back to this site. All original content is owned by No Longer Quivering and Patheos.comRead our hate mail at Jerks 4 JesusCheck out today's NLQ News at NLQ NewspaperContact NLQ at SuzanneNLQ@gmail.com Comments open below NLQ Recommended Reading … Quiverfull: Inside the Christian P … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Sexually Assault Victims Need to Buy a Gun?

by Doug Wilson from Blog and Mablog - An Unfair WorldEditor's note: So there's just too much awful to quote it all in one sitting. The unquoted bits claim there are two types of people in the wake of bad things happening, the resentment approach or the responsibility approach (which sounds like the real victim blaming from here). Guess which one that Dougie-Boy is pushing? Responsibility approach, where later on he advises this poor supposedly rape victim to tell anyone trying to push what he calls the resentment approach that she's buying a gun and getting a concealed weapon permit. He goes on to whine that those evil secularist 'Resentment' folks are accusing him of 'Victim-Blaming." … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Depression is Demonic

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife - Make Sure Your Heart is Happy in GodEditor's note: While Alexander does not come right out and say the words that she think depression is demonic she sure implies in by her words here. No helpful advice here either, nothing about seeking professional help, or even doing something as simple as getting a full physical to make sure there's not something amiss in your health driving the depression. I know I've said this many times but my own husband suffered from depression for years, while people at our church kept saying the same shaming, blaming and dangerously untrue things Lori is spouting here, making him feel worse. Turned out he had a … [Read more...]

Part 21 Shackled Girl – For the Children, Love and an Epilogue

by PropinquaEditor’s note: There are hopeful signs that life will settle down for the three young victims of Timothy and Esten Ciboro. Although the men might appeal their convictions, they have been transferred to separate prisons to serve life sentences. The house in Toledo where the pair committed heinous acts will probably be demolished. The jury foreman called the pair “morons,” and their own attorney said they forgot the Golden Rule. Let’s all hope that the children continue to recover, and move on to live happy lives, free of fear. The following are notes of encouragement from NLQ readers. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Disobedient Children Are Like Dirty Rats?

by Debi Pearl from No Greater Joy - RatsEditor's note: Debi starts this long ago post talking about her delivering a young lady's baby. Did not know Debi was a midwife as well as a person that beats children. In this piece she compares children who are not harshly disciplined her way to rats in a rat hole. She. Calls. Human. Beings. Rats!!! When did Jesus do that? One of the more repulsive pieces she's ever written. … [Read more...]

Part 3 Chapter 6 – Before You Meet Prince Charming

by Mel cross posted from her blog When Cows and Kids CollideAll quotes from the book ‘Before You Meet Prince Charming’ by Sarah Mally are in blue text.The exhortation section of Chapter Six drags badly.In the hands of a different author, I might think the author was demonstrating the painful strain that waiting puts on humans by making the reader slog through long anecdotes that lack any internal story arc.From this author, though, I think the issue is an absolute lack of life experience.  The stories remind me of talking to my cousins when they were toddlers.  One cousin gave me a breathless description of how the grocery store was out of peas when they went shopping and so " … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Beat That Child to Make Him Stop Crying?

by Michael Pearl of No Greater Joy - Ramblin'Editor's note: This horrible story brings to mind more questions than it answer. What's an 11 month old baby doing so unsupervised that he was trying to escape unimpeded from the person who is tasked with caring for him? Debi on the phone, she would loves to bash any woman that watches television, the internet or 'gossips' on the phone while ignoring their children and home. Yet she's clearly doing the same thing, even if she's framing it as 'encouraging a missionary'. Michael rushes in and starts switching the child to stop it from crying. And that parent that left that young of a child with the Pearls who started beating on him for crying? … [Read more...]