NLQ Question of the Week: Why No Mutual Submission?

This is a series we run every Thursday. The questions are things that people who may not know much about the Quiverfull movement or even Fundamentalist or Evangelical Christianity ask about the lifestyle. Examining some of the questions involving Quiverfull theology and life can only shine a light on the toxic nature of this lifestyle … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Men Doing Housework Have Less Sex?

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife - Women Who Do Housework Live Longer and Have More SexEditor's note: How very disingenuous of Lori to say that women who do housework have more sex just because of one lone study. One study that only studied men doing housework and their level of sexual activity. Men who do housework and have less sex does not automatically extrapolate out to women doing housework have more sex. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Technology Addictions?

by Phil Telfer of Generations Radio - Cultivating Healthy Family CultureEditor's note: This seems to be a new strawman to rail against in Quiverfull lately - the use of technology. Nancy Campbell and others have all posted dire warnings about allowing smart phones at the dinner table, church and family times. This is more of the same. While it's a good idea to control how much of your time is eaten up by screens many of these folks are coming across as alarmists. Equating the screen time with the ruin of families. … [Read more...]

Answering ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’ – How Can I Be More Clean/Organized?

Another installment of giving better answers to the questions asked at Debi Pearl’s site message board for the book ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’. Many young ladies ask questions on all sorts of different subjects brought up by the book. There was just one big problem, many of the answers stray into either the outright bad and emotionally unhealthy to dangerous. Yes, typical Debi Pearl borderline abusive. Here’s what we’re going to be doing here at NLQ. Every week, once or twice a week, I’ll be posting up one of the questions from the message board and ask you, our readers, to answer that poor soul’s question in a way that is logical,  rational and the best possible solution, in other words 1 … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Non-Believer Life is a Non-Stop Orgy?

by Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio - Family Gratitude at the Cross of ChristEditor's note: Whenever I read one of these screeds by someone in the Quiverfull movement I have to wonder if they even know anyone that they would consider a non-believer. I mean, really know them on a friendship basis. Surely if they would just get to know a few they'd realize how flawed their own reasoning is. People are people and it's never good to attribute a pile of negatives to only one people group. Kevin has clearly spent too much time isolated in his basement with his radio show. … [Read more...]

Chucking College: Achieving Success Without Corruption – Part 0

by Danielle WolfeEditor's note: New review series on Melanie Ellison's book Chucking College. The images are screen caps from the film 'Mean Girls'.Hello. I’ve been an avid reader of this blog for a long time and Suzanne has been kind enough to let me review this book for everyone. However after reading this she may owe me a bottle of wine!I wish I were joking… … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: How to Handle a Screaming Child?

by Michael Pearl from No Greater Joy - The Volley Ball BawlerEditor's note: Michael sees and hears a child screaming at the park and this is his reaction. He thinks she's evil and manipulative and her daddy did wrong by picking her up. This is how Michael, Mr. Manly Man, thinks her father should have handled her fear that she was being left behind at the park. … [Read more...]

The Photograph – Is Justice Delayed Justice At All For Carol Ann Cole?

by Suzanne TitkemeyerVery short post today. This is part 13 in our series looking in the murder of Carol Ann Cole.So everything seems to beg the question: Was Carol Ann Cole ever a resident of New Bethany Home for Girls in Arcadia, Louisiana? Did she run across New Bethany pastor Mack Ford?Evidence that suggests it's entirely a possibility. Things to consider: … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Marriage Should Benefit Men?

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife - Men Are Learning That Marriage is Nothing Good For ThemThese are not written by Lori. but by her commenters. By first what sounds like one of the Men's Rights Activists that Dalrock and Biblical Gender Roles appeals to. Another of Lori's commenters explaining how modern marriage in their eyes does not benefit the man at all. Interesting that both Lori and the MRA guys have the same view of a perfect marriage. This says nothing good for the state of marriage in the CPM.  … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Women Working Undermine Their Husband’s Masculinity?

by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies - Why Do We Think We Know Better Than God?Editor's note: Nancy goes on from here to say that husbands are not in charge of the home. Only a woman can run the home. She also does not say what to do when you're a righteous stay at home submitting mama. Or you have a brood of kids and a husband who refuses to work. Or what to do if your husband is ill, disabled or dead. Those are some strict gender roles there Nancy. … [Read more...]