Quoting Quiverfull: Homophobia or Not?

by Steven Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church - We are Already in MalawiEditor's note: Anderson is trying to claim because one of his followers got into Malawi and did some 'Soul Winning' as proof he's not banned in Malawi. Too bad he does not seem to understand that he's banned and this is a fact. Quoting this piece because he keeps saying bad things about the gays and then turns out and tries to say his ministry is not about homophobia. Such incredibly strong cognitive dissonance! … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Wives Submission Saves Husbands From Hell?

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife - Are My Teachings Dangerous?Editor's note: Love is patient, love is kind according to the scriptures, but there is nothing, let me say that again, NOTHING that indicates women are personally responsible for the salvation of their husbands. This is what dangerous extra Biblical extrapolation looks like! Emphasis below mine. … [Read more...]

Questioning the Pearls – Protecting Kids From Sexual Predators at Church

For well over a year we’ve been running a second Answering ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’ on Sundays, filled with questions by young ladies trying to get ready for marriage. Since we’ve run through many of the questions on their site it’s time to shift Sundays to something else, like perhaps examining the cornucopia of probably fake emails and questions that Michael and Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy post on their website and the possibly poisonous answers they give. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Pride Keeps Women From Submission?

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife - Are My Teachings Dangerous?Editor's note: Lori asked her Facebook coterie of sycophants why many women believe what Lori is teaching is dangerous. Most of the answers had to do with not trusting God and feminism, but a few cited 'Pride' as the reason. Interesting since this is exactly the same thing Lori claimed was behind her attempts to make Ken eat healthy in Chapter 3 of her book. How much of a role, if any, do you think pride plays in refusing extreme submission? … [Read more...]

News: TLC’s Sexual Predator Problem – Toby Willis and Josh Duggar

There's been news this week on reality television star Toby Willis and his upcoming trial. He is being held without bond in Tennessee on charges of raping a child of 12 years old or under. His family once had a television show on TLC titled 'The Willis Family". … [Read more...]

Christmas: A Plea to Evangelicals Who Evangelize Non-Christian Family Members

by Bruce Gerencser cross posted from his blog The Life and Times of Bruce GerencserChristmas: it’s that time of year.  Joy to the World. Handel’s Messiah. Cookies and fudge. Eggnog. Shopping. Evergreen trees decked with ornaments and lights. Cards. Presents. Ugly sweaters. Family gatherings. Excited grandchildren.  Ah, the wonders of the Christmas season.But there’s one aspect of Christmas hated by non-Christians, and that’s their Evangelical relatives and friends using the holiday as an opportunity to evangelize those they deem lost and headed for hell. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Less Kids Equal More Depravity?

by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies - Are We Degenerating?Editor's note: Nancy is trying to make the case that having less children comes from the same sinful mindset that causes movie and television viewing. It's not even close. Many people limit family size due to realities like income and wanting to focus fully on a few children. It's not all some big selfish 'me-me-me' going on. … [Read more...]

The Power of the Transformed Wife: Chapter 3 – Lori Shames Ken’s Eating Habits

by Suzanne TitkemeyerAnd so we come to one of the worst chapters in this book - Let It Go - not the pretty song from the Disney film 'Frozen' either. The chapter is all about letting go of your desires to control your husband. Lori illustrates this with her many stringent food rules without once consulting Ken on his needs or wants.The chapter is mercifully short and starts with a jaunt through the ancient history of Lori's mother's health struggles complete with a bashing of how modern medicine failed her mother, even though her father is a doctor. I believe I read somewhere that her father was a pathology doctor.Her mother was miraculously healed by that thing that is so … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Movies and Television Are Sin?

by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies - Are We Degenerating?Editor's note: Nancy is bemoaning what she sees as a horrible slide into perversion that came first through movies. Then she shifts to television. Knowing that Nancy was raised never going to movies because she was afraid the Rapture would come and she'd be left behind is rather revealing. No 'Flywheel' or 'God's Not Dead' for her. … [Read more...]

The Dunning-Krueger Effect in High Demand Relationships

by Cindy Kunsman cross posted from her blog Under Much GraceAll images by Cindy Kunsman and Under Much Grace and used with permission. Just a reminder that the purpose of this discussion aims at stimulating thought and self awareness as tools to help those in recovery from trauma learn how to make safer choices. To make the discussion more jocular, we've defined Cognitive Biases as “CranioRectal Inversions” (CRI).I think of this as knowing just enough about something to be dangerous. Basically, people – roughly two thirds of people – who lack training in a certain topic grossly overestimate their skill and aptitude by wrongly assuming that they hold mastery of it.  They project confi … [Read more...]