Encouraging Your Husband – Part 3 Love Notes

Some of the stories I'm skipping in this chapter seem like a short hop/skip/jump from acting like either an obsessional stalker or a pre-teen with a celebrity crush, not mature grown married women. This one seems similarly unhinged. … [Read more...]

Part 1 – Trey Orders You to Provide Marital Sex on Demand?

by Trey, infamous toxic commenter, at Lori Alexander's The Transformed Wife - Making it Easy For Your Husband to Not LustEditor's note: I swore after I posted about cheating husbands and 16 year old brides this week from Lori's site that I would refrain from quoting her the rest of the week. That was before I saw her more ridiculous shameful male poster (teaching men, are you Lori?) was given his own bully-pulpit. He's claiming that women giving sex upon demand, enthusiastically in exactly whatever fashion  the Mister decides is the only way to turn off male lust. … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: If He Cheats Stay and Pray?

by Robin Jennifer at Lori Alexander's The Transformed Wife - To the Warrior Wives of Straying HusbandsEditor's note: I guess there are only so many ways that Lori can state that feminists are evil, modesty is important and you are not allowed to have needs, so now she's relying a couple of times a week on guest writers. Now it's being pushed that you must stay with a cheating spouse and pray for him? This is another one of those issues that is deeply personal, like birth control, or working, that might work for some individuals but not for everyone. … [Read more...]

Answering ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’ – No Spark, No Attraction

One of the sadder questions at the entire website this young woman has discovered after marriage that she has no chemistry in the bedroom with her husband.Another installment of giving better answers to the questions asked at Debi Pearl’s site message board for the book ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’. Many young ladies ask questions on all sorts of different subjects brought up by the book. There was just one big problem, many of the answers stray into either the … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Sacrifice Our Bodies Glorifying God by Bearing Babies?

by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies - Is It Possible?Editor's note: So now Nancy claims if you present your body to God in worship as perfect you must also be having babies. No birth control allowed, all babies, all the time. Her reasoning is flimsy at best. Are we to be human pez dispensers or fully functioning human beings? … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Stay Thin and Beautiful So Your Husband Will Be Faithful?

by Lori Alexander of  The Transformed Wife - Looking Good for Our HusbandEditor's note: Lori's issues with food are clearly on display in the unquoted bits of this. Plus it's right back to the modesty-shaming by a woman that showed her upper thighs in a photo. Do you know who the most important person you should be trying to please is? You! Not everyone else. The title of this piece is cracking me up with laughter because the way it's worded sounds to me like Lori is stating we're all married to the same guy. Heaven forfend! … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Judging Modesty?

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife - No, I am Not Ultra-ConservativeEditor's note: So Lori is being told that she's 'immodest' and she does not much like it. I have stated here in the past that some of the outfits Lori wears would have gotten her in trouble at many churches. Her post just proves how slippery a slope deciding what others should wear to be 'modest' is. People should dress in what makes them feel good, and not because someone else has fixed ideas about what they should wear. … [Read more...]

Answering ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’ – Advice Please!

A young woman reluctantly goes to college and gets engaged. Now her fiance does not want her returning to college and she does not know what to do.Another installment of giving better answers to the questions asked at Debi Pearl’s site message board for the book ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’. Many … [Read more...]

Quoting Quiverfull: Wearing Vagina Hats and Used Sanitary Napkins Sinful?

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife - Empowerment By Doing As They Please?Editor's note: Oh please! They were pink pussy cat hats, not 'Vagina Hats' and I must have missed the sanitary napkin brigade. Lori's answer to her commenter and her twisting of what was worn at the march shows just how thin-skinned and unthinking she is when challenged. She should be addressing negative comments directly, not erasing them or using them as a launching pad for another horrible post of hers. … [Read more...]

Answering ‘Preparing To Be A Help Meet’ – Just Found Out My Mother’s Example Was Completely Wrong

This week a lady from Mexico is praising Debi Pearl for giving her advice via the book 'Preparing To Be A Help Meet' that's already made her relationship with her fiance better. Naturally she blames her mother for modeling the exact opposite behavior. … [Read more...]