Above Rubies Nancy Campbell does not mention Prozac or any SSRI drug by name in this loathsome take on the best way to cure depression. She simply parrots the standard line in Evangelicalism that implies that depression is caused by lack of faith. She just hints that Jesus is better than Prozac. This is just the type of toxic theology that leaves a body count. Depression is not demonic, it’s not a bad attitude, it’s not selfish. It can be… Read more

This is from Lori Alexander’s old blog Always Learning. We’ve shared part of this post ages ago. Remember when Lori told the story of the lady who would always put knifes in the dishwasher against the wishes of her husband? When the dishwasher broke this woman’s husband decided to discipline her by not replacing the dishwasher since she would not honor his request not to put knifes in the dishwasher. This, according to Lori, is Godly and just because husbands… Read more

Not sure of the legitimacy of this study, but it looks like two different studies from two different universities have concluded that multiple births puts you at a higher risk of cardiovascular events than mothers who have fewer children. From IFLScience! – Having More Than Two Children May Have Serious Consequences For Women’s Heart Health They admit that the findings don’t really show exactly what it is about having multiple births or miscarriages that leads to higher numbers of strokes… Read more

Ever since the wedding of England’s Prince Harry to American actress Megan Markel I’ve been monitoring the websites of the usual gang of Quiverfull commentators without seeing one ripple or complaint from anyone. Thought for sure that Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog would say something that he’s one of the most voracious in supporting the branch of the Evangelicalism with the most racist views. Not a peep. In fact, the only one that seems to have sounded off about… Read more

Last week the New York Times had a thought-provoking piece on the rise of the alt-right housewives as a culture. They did miss one big thing, that most of these self-identifying ‘Tradwives’ are merely the new alt-right face of Quiverfull. White racism has been an underlying reasoning for Quiverfull, even if it’s rarely admitted. Once upon a time Above Rubies founded Nancy Campbell admitted that the reasons for having as many children as the Lord would bless you with was… Read more

As I’ve mentioned before the archives at Debi and Michael Pearl’s website seem to be fire-bombed of much content. It’s been scrubbed clean in most areas. No one knows the real reason. Could it have been Gabriel Pearl’s divorce? Are the Pearls being held liable for encouraging the physical abuse of children? But every now and then a very old piece pops up. This is from 1997, and it is Michael yet again claiming that boys are mini-jerks because God… Read more

Yet again Doug Wilson is taking word-salady pot-shots at homosexuality. He’s upset about the same conference that Tim Bayly was freaking out about yesterday. Wilson is upset by the idea that the conference speaker and author Wesley Hill and the Revoice conference supports people who are gay and Christian. Someone grab the smelling salts and Victorian fainting couch for Doug before he collapses. Doug Wilson’s homophobia is firmly on display here. Doug is claiming that is, along with the Me… Read more

Found this only because another Good Christian Patriarch ™ Doug Wilson was slinging mud at a upcoming conference for gay Christians.   Tim Bayly’s pals of Warhorn Media and Out of Our Minds has been verklempting in four part harmony over the the conference and the very idea that someone Christian might identify as gay. But Tim himsel is busy yet again with the idea of morality, sexual identity and sin being wrapped up and openly displayed in what we wear,… Read more

I guess you’ve heard by now of this week’s newest societal outrage – the racist and cruel words by comedienne and actress Roseanne Barr? Who hasn’t? For those that didn’t it was a mean tweet issued by Ms. Barr comparing a member of the Obama administration, Valerie Jarrett, to the misbegotten offspring of two disparate groups. It was petty and insulting, not to mention quite childish for someone who is a grandmother to post. But then again we are living… Read more

There are always a couple of things you can count on, Spring follows winter, the sun rises every morning and Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles will find the most abusive and disgusting stance ever when other Patriarchs are outed as toxic. Here Larry even offers a wife beating defense and tries to say nothing that Southern Baptist leader Paige Patterson said is wrong. As only Larry would. Most people have enough of an idea now in light of the… Read more

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