Lori Alexander continues on her crazy train of all women staying home or else at her site The Transformed Wife. She claims that just because you have an empty nest it does not mean you can live your life to suit yourself. Now you must function as unpaid help for your children. She thinks Granny must stay home. There’s also nothing in those verses, Titus 2: 3-4 and 1 Timothy 5:10, to forbid it either. Older women have earned the… Read more

Ladies Against Feminism and Chalcedon have been pushing that bedrock idea in Quiverfull that girls are to get married as soon as possible after completion of homeschooling. No college, no higher education of any sort. Marry, have babies. But in the meantime learn how to be a housewife. Newsflash: It’s just not that hard to learn how to cook and clean. But it seems like many are still not marrying. Chalcedon has a humble brag article titled ‘You’re Gonna What?’… Read more

Yet again Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife returns to one of her frequent themes – fat shaming….. The post is all about controlling your children in every aspect of their lives. While it’s good to have some rules Lori, of course, takes it all to extremes. This reads like a woman that does not like children and likely should never have had children. Nope, Lori, you do not have the right to tell others how to feed their children,… Read more

This morning I was over at Tim Bayly’s Out of Our Minds War Horn archives looking for one of his many focused on hyper masculinity pieces because I’d found a hyper masculinity graphic that is too good not to us, and I found this – When Not Having a Nursery Becomes Confessional. The entire idea of providing an official church nursery varies so widely from place to place. The role of children in the church itself is a hard one…. Read more

It must be exhausting to be The Transformed Wife’s Lori Alexander. So much theological and language Twister, tied up in knots, so much twisting, turning and manipulating. She is especially found of using the internet to tell the rest of us that we should not be using it because it will fry your brain or cause you to sin, or some such claim. Yes, Lori is desperately jealous of all those other female Christian bloggers who blog, sell books and… Read more

This question to the Pearls of No Greater Joy on problems with grandparents who object to homeschooling seems like another fake Pearl letter with an over the top overreaction of a response. First the Letter labeled ‘Wolf in Grandma’s Clothing’ that I would label ‘Fake Fake Fake’: Advice? Advice on a fake letter. How about the Pearls stop coming up with the most ridiculous fear-mongering scenarios and stop trying to pass them off as legitimate correspondence. Parent’s educational choices for… Read more

Leave it to The Transformed Wife’s Lori Alexander to figure out a way to shame breast feeding mothers while insisting  that mothers breast feed. This piece by Lori is a pile of self-righteous modesty gobblity-gook titled Women Showing Their Breasts While Breastfeeding. Lori really is a prissy old thing taking offense at things everywhere around her. The main thing Lori is worried about is Ken viewing strange breasts not belonging to her?!?!? Why would that be ? Can Ken be… Read more

One of our regular readers Karen was kind enough to point out a blog we’ve not examined before, Blessed Homemaking, which every post seems to be a constant refrain of ‘Stay home cleaning the house and cooking’. Which is fine if that’s what you and your husband agree on. It’s not so fine when you insist that everyone else in this world must do that as well. I am unable to tell which of the Ladies Against Feminism and Lydia… Read more

Yesterday several of my friends were laughing over, or expressing outrage over the newest internet-driven teen fad – eating Tide Pods. I made the above meme based on a non-Tide eating serenity prayer one of my more witty friends came up with yesterday. It’s a fad I just don’t get. The ice bucket challenge, the cinnamon challenge, coning and a host of other things seem dumb but innocent,well, at least they won’t usually harm you overmuch. Back in my teenage… Read more

Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies tends to wander into some strange theological places with her ‘Never Think, Be Happy’ demands. This morning I ran across her saying that you must not only be super cheerful in you speech and countenance too. It’s not enough that you smile at everyone and say nice things, now you have to clomp around joyfully. I guess at least she’s not insisting on giggling and skipping. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, if it’s upon arising before coffee… Read more

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