One of our regular readers Karen was kind enough to point out a blog we’ve not examined before, Blessed Homemaking, which every post seems to be a constant refrain of ‘Stay home cleaning the house and cooking’. Which is fine if that’s what you and your husband agree on. It’s not so fine when you insist that everyone else in this world must do that as well. I am unable to tell which of the Ladies Against Feminism and Lydia… Read more

Yesterday several of my friends were laughing over, or expressing outrage over the newest internet-driven teen fad – eating Tide Pods. I made the above meme based on a non-Tide eating serenity prayer one of my more witty friends came up with yesterday. It’s a fad I just don’t get. The ice bucket challenge, the cinnamon challenge, coning and a host of other things seem dumb but innocent,well, at least they won’t usually harm you overmuch. Back in my teenage… Read more

Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies tends to wander into some strange theological places with her ‘Never Think, Be Happy’ demands. This morning I ran across her saying that you must not only be super cheerful in you speech and countenance too. It’s not enough that you smile at everyone and say nice things, now you have to clomp around joyfully. I guess at least she’s not insisting on giggling and skipping. Nancy, Nancy, Nancy, if it’s upon arising before coffee… Read more

There are those rabid Duggar supporters on online that refuse to accept that TLC’s Duggar family might practice any harmful theology, But those of us who have been involved in the Quiverfull world for ages know this is just not so. In the early days of the TLC specials Michelle Duggar exhibited and explained blanket training for the camera. The book by the Pearls that advocates beating a child with a length of plastic plumbing line until you break their… Read more

Shared this yesterday on the NLQ Facebook page. I found it after I’d already posted Debi Pearl’s deranged ideas about divorce. The ever disgusting patriarch Larry Solomon whose entire world revolves not around the words of Jesus, but his own gonads has been pondering the #MeToo movement.  What did he decide? That there’s no such thing as rape in marriage again. All that sex out of marriage is fornication, which does not concern Larry beyond his dismissal of it as… Read more

This isn’t your usual No Greater Joy Michael or Debi Pearl question answered. This is one of those possibly fake articles written and tailored to push whatever point the Pearls are trying to advance. This one is a doozy, about a twice divorced lady claiming that she turned so bitter and unpleasant no one would be around her, family and friends stopping having any interactions with her. The article is called ‘Better Late Than Never’ After a divorce I think… Read more

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife has yet again written on one of the most dangerous, disingenuous and extra-Biblical clobber subjects that Evangelicalism, Fundamentalism and Quiverfull use to control and silence women – the deny your feelings lie. This is the lie that encourages to ignore the healthy warning signs your body is trying to issue in favor of shutting down, not thinking and mindlessly following the leader, taking you into places you have no business straying. There is just… Read more

I’ve seen this news on other Patheos blogs, Facebook and news sites. Sharing it here for discussion purposes. Apparently Missouri GOP Senate candidate Courtland Sykes posted this on Facebook when asked about his support of women’s rights. Photo from his Facebook page: His view of women’s rights is one shared with both Nancy Campbell and Lori Alexander, that the only rights that women should have are to adhere to Biblical gender roles. Here’s other things he’s said on Facebook: “I… Read more

Right now the news media is focused on the family of David and Louise Turpin of Perris, California, focusing a bright light on the dangers of hiding abuse by homeschooling. But we know that soon enough another scandal will come along and the attention will be diverted. Meaning that the Turpins, just like the Nauglers and a plethora of other offenders will soon be forgotten, and their crimes will fade away in the collective consciousness before effective laws are put… Read more

Now The Transformed Wife Lori Alexander is trying to tell other female Christian bloggers what to do. This, like much of Lori’s own blog, is all about her controlling others with some of her martyrdom claims mixed in. Evangelical’s own agony aunt seems to be vying to be a Jesus Miss Manners. Lori starts by complaining that other Christian bloggers talk about decorating their homes or making meals but not about Jesus. Lori Alexander puts Christian in quotation marks as… Read more

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