Covert Operations

by Ellen cross posted from her blog When Church HurtsMy friend quixie over at quixoticfaith posted an excellent video about covert narcissists. I have been told that I shouldn’t call my former pastor a narcissist because he isn’t an overt tyrant as many definitions indicate.  The video you can watch from quixie’s blog post is an excellent description of a “covert” narcissist and aptly describes much of what I observed in my experience with spiritual abuse.  Thank you, Quixie, for your post and video! Perhaps the most important section of the video is at the end when he discusses the effect on the victim.  I have written posts about how my self-confidence, my faith, my physical health, a … [Read More...]


Quoting Quiverfull: So Shut Up?

by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies - Nagging Doesn't WorkEditor's note: For once I agree with Nancy Campbell --- nagging does not work, it only pisses off the naggee! But, here's a thought that I'm sure has never crossed Nancy's mind, nagging isn't strictly limited to wife nagging her husband. Sometimes it's reversed to the husband nagging the wife, or either the wife or husband nagging the children. Mother in laws nagging the wife. Children nagging parents. Nagging sucks no matter who does it and it usually only reinforces whatever behavior the nagger does not like in the first place. … [Read More...]


News: Why The Duggars Needed A Payment Processor

So it turns out that not only do the Duggars have a new money making scheme since their show on TLC was cancelled but they also need someone to do the online payment processing of credit cards. Hence Duggar Processing LLC and Fivestone Group LLC. Turns out that the Duggars are starting to ask for money from anyone watching their videos on YouTube, at least all the Duggar Studios videos which seem to be an endless procession of kids going to the dentist Josiah Duggar stoned out of his gourd on pain meds while Jim Bob drives him home from having his wisdom teeth removed, lip synching to music or doing other every day things. They have also done a promotion of Bill Gothard's Alert Academy. Josh … [Read More...]


Not Quoting Quiverfull: Why Talking About Money Before and During Marriage Is Important

by Tim Fall from his blog Tim's Blog Just One Train Wreck After Another - Marriage, Money, and Making Decisions - how it looks in a marriage of equalsEditor's note: We've had so many weeks and months of bad Christian marriage advice from the Pearls and other ministries I felt like it was time to share better advice. I know I've found in my own life that money discussions must happen and when they don't things really get messy. This is especially important if you are struggling to leave Quiverfull theology and either transform your marriage into that of equals, or you are a former Quiverfull mother struggling to figure out how to pay your bills or deal with a spouse that doesn't believe … [Read More...]


Quoting Quiverfull: Defining Manhood by Submission?

by unknown and posted by Nancy Campbell from Above Rubies - I Want A ManEditor's note: Complementarianism in a nutshell. Nancy doubling down on a woman's submission again. This please your husband or else nonsense. … [Read More...]

Image from Christian Patriarchal Watch List

Men’s Movements

by Emily from The Christian Patriarchal Watchlist For Parents“We must make our wives in to the people God intended them to be.” ~ Angus Buchanhmmm... and what exactly might that be? Please read and see for yourself! … [Read More...]


Quoting Quiverfull: Jeans and Short Hair Enslave Women?

by Reagan Ramm from Reagan Ram.com - Modesty" A Guy's Opinion Part 2Editor's note: I don't think most of the women I know with short hair, myself included, do it to look 'masculine',to be like guys or because we've embraced a feminist message. Mostly women wear pants, jeans, tee shirts and short hair for comfort or expediency. Sometimes the simplest explanation for something is the correct one. It's not some anti-Christian plot no matter how they spin it. Is masculinity so weak and threatened in the church that it cannot survive anyone doing anything even slightly outside the dictates of fundamentalism? … [Read More...]


Created To Need A Help Meet – Part 1 In His Image (You Are Responsible For Your Spouse’s Temperament)

by Aletha cross posted from her blog Yllom Mormonp 63-64 Today we're starting the sections about the 3 types of men. If you recall, "Created to Be His Help Meet" introduced this topic. It'll be interesting to see how Michael interprets this for his masculine audience. Text is in purple. … [Read More...]


Quoting Quiverfull: Girls Wearing What They Want Are Sinning Against Jesus?

by Reagan Ramm from his site Reagan Ramm.com - Modesty: A Guy's Opinion Part 2Editor's note: Several of the blogs we quote here for the Quoting Quiverfull feature have used Reagan Ramm's Part 1 on Modesty to justify all sorts of shaming. Here's the second part and it gets no better. Now he's claiming that if you wear something you want to wear and it causes someone to stumble you've lost the freedom to make clothing choices plus sinned against Jesus. Then he goes on in his blog to list what is and isn't modest. What gives him this right? … [Read More...]


Ben Seewald Figures Out What To Do Post ’19 Kids & Counting’

Apparently Ben Seewald is working towards his goal of being a pastor. That's according to Radar Online. After the cancellation of the Duggar family television show "19 Kids & Counting" it's good to see at least one person contemplating what to do for a living. The Inquistr had this to say about Ben's actions on social media and preaching on YouTube … [Read More...]

Screen cap from the film "Rocky and Bullwinkle"

Are Celebrity Christians Above The Law?

by Living Liminal cross posted from her blog Living LiminalIn the 2000 movie, The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, the two cartoon characters are arrested and brought before 'Judge Cameo' who, as soon as she recognizes them, dismisses the case against them stating that "celebrities are above the law".Now, in the context of the film, it was funny - even while it took a clever jab at the attitude that condones and excuses the bad behavior of the rich and famous. No matter what they've been accused of, no matter how they've behaved, they are not to be held to the same standards as the 'common' man - simply because they are famous! … [Read More...]


Quoting Quiverfull: Patriarchy Is Biblical – Get Over It?

by Vaughn Ohlman from True Love Doesn't Rape - What is Patriarchy I: Defining Our TermEditor's note: So here's the end results of another long posting by Von where he twists things and cherry picks the Bible. Because the word Patriarch is mentioned 14 times in the New Testament that makes it a real thing according to him. Followed by lots of 'children must obey their fathers' doubling down. Plus I have to say I always find it amusing when Christians that rant about the evils of homosexuality and/or alcohol love the King James Bible. The ruler for which it is named did commission scholars to do the translation while he was drinking and running around with his gay lover. … [Read More...]