On Monday morning we all woke up to a story in the news of a California family that had been abusing their children. Sunday one of the Turpin children managed to get away and called local law enforcement. When the police arrived what they found were some of the other 12 children in the family shackled to their beds in a dark foul-smelling home. The children were all emaciated, malnourished to the point where the 7 adult children appeared to… Read more

Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog is so busy mixing up his own word salad yet again that he’s tackled that worn-out old Evangelical Christians – Defining marriage as one man and one woman, or one child-molester man and one young teen girl. As long as it’s penis matched to vagina and Doug can throw out some unusual words writing it’s all good in his strange little corner of Idaho. Wilson grabbed my attention quickly with his spewing of those… Read more

You know I have to give this young woman writing into Debi Pearl for advice about her fiance credit. Unlike most of the stars in their eyes, ready to marry Pearl girls this one has enough of her wits about her to see a possible genuine red flag. A man that never says anything nice about his parents. Being that this is the world of Evangelical Quiverfull it’s possible that they were overly harsh, using Michael Pearl’s advice they beat… Read more

Guess I might have also titled this “Lori Really Fears Her Death But Not Ken’s Death” I’d actually started on a completely different post for this morning involving a pastor ranting about how a Christian using either Social Security or public schools is not a Christian but a socialist, when this screen cap of  graphic by Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife popped up on my Facebook page the same day she’s discussing death on her blog. Had to reschedule… Read more

Remember all of those posts of Lori Alexander’s on her site The Transformed Wife where she swears up and down that women can never teach men because Bible? That only men have authority enough to teach anything, that women must simperingly submit and sit there like silent dummies? Remember Lori’s most fervent male supporter that loves to compliment her as the bestest of the best and grovels at her feet – Trey? Trey is back and he’s slavering at Lori’s… Read more

This morning Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles is busy saying that a woman has no right to give or withhold consent for sex. That only God has the ability to give consent for sex. How does he justify this very retro caveman stance. With a lot of writing, citing many different obscure happenings, the Bible and making sure that he demonizes the MeToo movement, feminism, the 1960s, Free Love and permissive society. All that matters is what God said… Read more

Haven’t checked in on thin-skinned, barely hanging onto his man card pastor Tim Bayly in quite some time. So imagine my surprise when I discovered that not only is he still trying to put tight definitions and strictures in place on what constitutes masculinity he’s now claiming that a) he’s not a male Chauvinistic Pig and b) women cannot be engineers and design things without putting everyone at danger from failed infrastructure they design, He seriously believes that women are… Read more

After finding myself horribly triggered by Lori Alexander’s posting that you should always let a child suffer a fever, even up to high temperatures like a 106F I have been watching the conversations at Lori Alexander’s different social media sites. As I mentioned in the first post this was triggering to me because one of my children developed meningitis. It started as a very high fever, listlessness and pain. Had I ignored the symptoms and the fever my daughter would… Read more

Lori Alexander has stopped ordering widows not to work and to homeschool their children while getting her commenters to pile on with bad ideas to play doctor now. She has a big disclaimer at the end but it’s a useless item. She’s clearly giving medical advice, as if she were a doctor. Osteopathic advice. The greatest irony of her medical advice is that it comes close on the heels of her sharing just the day before a piece by another… Read more

Was it not one of the Pearl children that told a tale of walking through the woods and seeing pornographic photographs stapled to nearby trees? Between that tale, others and this posting I have to wonder if the part of Tennessee the Pearl’s inhabit has a sexual predator problem, or just a lot of people that use old fashioned printed pornography. More likely is that the Pearls are making this up, like they seem to do with many of the… Read more

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