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A while back Libby Anne from Love, Joy Feminism had a inspired idea to run a series on her blog called Raised Quiverfull. The way it worked if you’re not familiar with it was that she posted a list of questions asking readers to write in and share what life was like being raised in a Quiverfull Patriarchy Fundamentalist home. An impressive array of folks responded to her multi part questionnaire and it made for some of the most revealing and interesting reading on the subject of Quiverfull.

Then Sierra came up with the theme of The Sexuality Project on her blog the phoenix and olive branch. Open to anyone that wished to participate that had been involved with the world of fundamental churches. The Sexuality Project was also a fascinating read, a peek into the formation of critical ideas of sexuality and religion.

Both series are excellent and eventually we’ll be publishing both in their entirety.

Lately we’ve had a number of writers take on the subject of parenting starting with Latebloomer of Past Tense Present Progressive critiquing Reb Bradley’s book Child Care Tips. I wrote about my rejection as a baby Biblical Patriarchy QF Christian of the book To Train Up A Child by Michael and Debi Pearl. Kristen Rosser of Wordgazer’s Words finished it up with wise words on parenting.

Since parenting is one of the most important things we can do as humans because it not only affects our family but it affects society at large it’s important we think about it, discuss it with others, exchange ideas, goals.

I’d like to do a series on Parenting, the parenting you received, how you parent and what changes you’ve experienced through the years.  I’d love it if you, dear reader, would consider participating!  Share as much or as little as you’d like. Answering all questions is optional, just answer to whatever your comfort level is.

The questions will be posted over the course of the next week and the answers are due by Monday, December 3rd, 2012.  You can them either pasted into your email or as a text file, whatever is easier for you. Email them to me at We will start posting them up here at NLQ shortly thereafter

November 28, 2012 – All the questions are up now.


Introduction Questions                    Childhood Questions

School & Parenting Questions                     Teen Years

Adulthood Part 1                       Adulthood Part 2   

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  • Lissie Bloomer

    As a step-grandmother Fundamentalistm and homeschooling are foreign to me.
    I visited my husband’s daughter and her family since they just had their 6th child. New baby is a shock to me. Is he a shock to the 5 other children too? I am not a “gusher” over a baby. I really feel like grieving. Oh, another mouth to feed literally while toddler who was still nursing must feel abandoned if not immediately but gradually. No nap for her because why would she go to sleep without nursing off of Mom first?
    Toddler hardly talks. Perhaps that is normal but who would notice if it is not?
    I brought trinkets and gifts. Some worn out shoes that father praised since kids’ feet grow. 2 rugs and a blouse set. One rug went right in bathroom since some kitten had been shitting on their rug. They keep the kittens outside now since one shit on husband’s workclothes. Transformer toys occupied all the children. Even toddler saw that they were highly prized and wouldn’t share. 4 year old got a fine correction from Mom on how he must think of others and not himself when he wanted a toy from toddler. I bought a family game gift instead of gift for a newborn. Why not with so many other actually conscious children to care for?
    I was so cold in house. Toddler was barefoot and bottomless, half naked. Mom was barefoot. We got back and got out spaceheater to warm up after getting so cold sitting on their couch.
    I thought that the homeschooling standards might be higher in Indiana than Ky but I was told by grandmother that Ky. has put state testing of homeschoolers in place now.

  • jessica

    I urge those reacting to the quiverful movement, either as outsiders like Lissie or those who have been hurt by being raised as part of the movement, to not conflate the “trappings” of quiverful with the actual repressive culture and mindset that exists. I am part of a large community (both in real life and on-line) that share many of the lifestyle “choices” of the quiverful families, but who do so with the utmost of personal freedom. We may choose to homebirth, homeschool, have larger than average families, etc for a variety of reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with following biblical dictates. Some are mainline or liberal Christians, others are Jewish, Muslim, Unitarian, Atheist – really any belief or non belief system out there. We see ourselves as part of the LGBTQ-Allies community, many work on reproductive justice issues (or at least hold a “non of my business” philosophy). And even if we don’t personally homebirth, homeschool, have larger than average families it is not a rejection of that choice as “wrong” but because it wasn’t the best choice for us and/or our families – and that’s the awesome thing about choice.

    What Lissie describes above may or may not have anything to do with the quiverful movement. My toddlers were often half naked by choice (an important theme in the families I’m describing) and I’m actually rather impressed that this was “allowed” for her grandbaby because many of the fundamentalists families I know are extremely uncomfortable with the naked body, even in its youngest form. Family size and family spacing have their pros and cons all the way around…. and those pros and cons are going to look different to every person (parent and child) involved because we are all individuals with unique personalities and preferences.

    So I urge you not to focus on the trappings and choices but the whys behind them as that is where the crux of the issue really emerges.