Humanism at Yale Week

The Yale Humanist Community, directed by NPS founder Chris Stedman, just announced a week of panels, trainings, discussions, and service projects to spark conversation and engagement with Humanism in and around the Yale community–and beyond. The second annual Humanism at Yale week will be from April 5 – 12 in New Haven, CT, and will explore everything in Humanism and Humanist living from celebrancy to service to its intersections with hip hop and storytelling.


For detailed descriptions of all the events, you can visit the Yale Humanist Community website. YHC strives “to provide members with access to a caring community, support in an ethical framework, and opportunities for reflective service.” If you’re available, even if you can only make it to one, take the opportunity to connect with YHC in April and explore any of these really exciting events.

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