These comments about Stephen Hawking, somehow, are even sadder than his inevitable death. Read more

If you think you are above this type of thinking, I hope you’ll read the book, because you aren’t, and it helps to be aware of that. Read more

An armed anti-government militia group shot and blew up a fake mosque, showing off their hate for Muslims and their ignorance at the same time. Read more

This is an interesting perspective for a pastor to put forth. Read more

Police reported that the criminal owners of several “Christian retirement homes,” were suspected in numerous homicides involving elderly people. Read more

Bigfoot was reportedly spotted near my house, so I decided to investigate. The alleged witness is suing California for protection of the species. Read more

The former actress, who claims to be a prophet sent by God, has called for a purge of humanity and claimed responsibility for porn star deaths. Read more

It’s an incredible story involving heroism and police shooting the wrong man, so it’s a shame the media missed it. Read more

Join us in protesting the decision forcing a Spanish man to pay $600 for attacking religious feelings by photoshopping his face on Jesus. Read more

There was a war on Wikipedia over whether this politician, who left his wife for his pregnant girlfriend, should be used an example of hypocrisy. Read more

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