This Ex-Cop Has Locked Up 28 ‘Psychic’ Scammers, Returned $3.2M to Victims

Anyone who considers themselves a skeptic should learn about Bob Nygaard, a real-life psychic hunter who has locked up 28 psychic fraudsters and returned $3.2 million to their victims. Read more

‘Red Pill’ Minister Gets Almost 5 Years in Prison for Child Porn

A Unitarian Universalist minister from Oklahoma was sentenced this week to 57 months in federal prison followed by 10 years of supervised release for streaming child pornography and talking to others about raping, torturing, and even killing children. Ronald Eugene Robinson, Executive Director of the Unitarian Universalist Christian Fellowship in Tulsa, was arrested in March after he was observed viewing and discussing child porn in an online chatroom. Some of the kids in the videos viewed by Robinson were under… Read more

Did She See it Coming? Psychic Must Go to Prison and Pay $200,000 to Victims

A woman who claims to be a psychic was just ordered to go to prison and pay back more than $200,000 she stole from eight clients in Southern California. Melissa Lori Lee, of Woodland Hills, Calif., admitted to ripping off her clients and agreed to pay restitution after an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. She will also face between one year and four months in state prison and three years of formal probation, according to the Los Angeles… Read more

The Church of Scientology Accused Me of “Anti-Religious Bigotry” – Here’s My Response

The Church of Scientology contacted me about my recent article. Here is their email and my reply. Read more

The “Atheist Movement” Needs More Scientific Skepticism

This weekend, I spoke at “Gateway to Reason,” an atheist convention in St. Louis. It was a large gathering of non-believers, including big names like Seth Andrews and David Smalley, but there was still something missing: scientific skepticism. Many atheists are also skeptics, but that’s not always the case. This is something I already knew, but it became even more apparent after my talk on Saturday. The topic was “You Don’t Have to be a Scientist to Think Like One,”… Read more

A Trip to Scientology’s Secret Underground “Armageddon Bunker” Near My House

You may not know this, but the Church of Scientology has a top secret underground base in Southern California where they have nuclear-safe bunkers for Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and other top church officials. It’s an extremely secretive building, hidden away in the San Bernardino mountains a few hours outside of Los Angeles, and the wife of the head of Scientology currently lives there. Its perimeters are littered with security cameras, and it just so happens to be a few… Read more

Meet the Atheist Libertarian Running for Senate as a Republican

You may have heard the name Austin Petersen before, but if you haven’t you’re probably going to soon. He’s a libertarian activist who has identified himself as an atheist – and he recently announced he’s running for Senate as a Republican. Petersen is probably most well known for being the runner-up for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President of the United States in 2016, losing only to Gary Johnson. Earlier this month, however, he said he’s running for Senate in… Read more

Youth Pastor’s Facebook Page Reveals Clues About Child Molestation Case

In hindsight, some of these posts might require further investigation. Read more

R. Kelly Accused of Running a “Cult” and Holding Young Women Captive

R. Kelly, the pop star who was acquitted on child pornography charges, is now being accused of “brainwashing” young girls and controlling every aspect of their lives. If these allegations are true, his behavior fits that of a cult leader. Three separate sets of parents have come forward with similar stories about bringing their daughters to R. Kelly for help with their musical careers. Unfortunately, they say, the girls never left and their lives are now controlled by the singer…. Read more

Australian Woman Shot by Police Was a Pseudoscientific Spiritual “Healer”

Justine Damond, the blonde Australian woman who was wrongfully shot by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, was a pseudoscientific “healer” who promoted unproven methods of meditation. Damond, who also went by the last name Ruszczyk, was tragically killed by the police after she called 911 to report a possible assault near her home. She was shot by one of the officers and their body cameras weren’t turned on, according to reports. Damond ran meditation workshops at Lake Harriet Spiritual Community and… Read more