He has shown he’s capable of learning and growing, even on controversial issues, so why would I give up on him? Read more

If any future outbreaks can be traced back to this newsletter, then she needs to be held accountable. Read more

I talked to Morgue, the shock artist known for his role on AMC’s Freakshow, about his feud with former followers. Read more

Kids were being trained to commit attacks by someone who is motivated by religion and politics to destroy the U.S. Read more

It’s not like this is the most offensive thing Peterson has said, but it’s definitely one of the most dangerous. Read more

This isn’t enough. For now, Jones is just playing the victim card and moving his operations to Facebook. Read more

I don’t know if he’s guilty, but do I know Christian symbolism – and it seems like he’s repenting for something. Read more

Black salve, a dangerous pseudoscientific cancer treatment that sellers call ‘B.S.,’ is being used on innocent pets. Read more

He hurt young kids through ongoing sexual abuse while he was evangelizing and showing Christian movies. Read more

He’s fighting for his life, all while covered in his own diarrhea and vomit, because his owners didn’t vaccinate. Read more

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