Anti-Gay Christian ‘Writer’ Leaves 5-Star Review Of His Hateful Book

Lance Wells, the anti-gay Christian musician who claims being a member of the LGBT Community is “a form of rape,” just left himself a glowing review on Amazon.

I asked Wells for a review copy of his book, but he rejected my offer because he thought I’d be biased given my atheism (and propensity for thinking). Without a copy of his book, I tracked down and reviewed some of the writings within it that he had published elsewhere.

The partial interview that resulted was picked up by a few LGBT news outlets, and Wells found himself with almost 30 negative reviews on Amazon. He decided to fix that, with a review of his own (an undoubtable violation of the site’s terms and services).

Wells wrote that The Truth Comes Out: Laying Waste to the Lies of the “LGBT Community” is a “good book… based on a better one.”

I won’t say I’m “proud” of my book (for obvious reasons), but I will say that I worked very hard to get it right, and I believe in it. I also believe in the Lord Jesus Christ who inspired it, and whose Gospel is contained within the text.

Wells leaves his hateful book a glowing review.

Wells leaves his hateful book a glowing review.

That’s right: Wells believes his book is good, and inspired by Jesus Christ, who never mentioned homosexuality once. Wells, however, seems quite preoccupied with same-sex acts. So much so that he has purchased anti-gay ads in his local paper and, now, self-published a book all about it (and then gave it his own positive review).

Personally, I like some of the other reviews left for Wells’ book:

This guy flyered our neighborhood trying to promote this crap “Christian” book. It never ceases to amaze me that the most judgmental and intolerant people are the ones who self-identify so strongly as Christian, despite the fact this behavior is the antithesis of true Christian teachings. There is a reason “local bookstores won’t carry it” and “the Boise Weekly refused to sell advertising for it” (quoted from the trash flyer): this book is clearly just hateful, uneducated, anti-science, and downright ridiculous garbage (“Is Obama the Antichrist?” Come on, man, is this even supposed to be for grown-ups to read?). It’s a pity Amazon won’t allow me to give negative-stars.

Another favorite:

While protected by the first amendment as free speech, this book tiptoes up to the door of hate speech and proceed to kick it down. I am grateful that authors who publish books like this are free to do so, because it reveals their ignorant pseudo-academic, perverted worldview as what it truly is: hateful, discriminatory and sad. Lance Wells wrote a hateful book from a place of ignorance. It might be lovely to purchase if you’re looking to fund ignorance, but other than that, nah. Keep looking and purchase another book.

There are a lot of great reviews, so check them out or leave your own here.


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