What Sam Harris Gets Wrong About Racism And Violence In America

Sam Harris has once again appointed himself a relevant arbiter on matters he is only tenuously familiar with. In a recent episode of his Waking Up podcast titled “Racism and Violence in America,” Harris shared what he believed to be enlightened ideas on racism and declared that he wanted to gain greater clarity on issues unique to the Black community.

I know Harris is a revered figure for many within atheist circles. I also know that his statements during this podcast have provided many with much consolation and a false sense of insulation from the numerous ways racism is baked into the daily ordering and social DNA of our society.

Thus, I imagine this critique of his skewed “logic and reason” will ruffle the feathers of some within this community. It may also cause an uptick in umbrage aimed at me or those like me who seek justice regarding matters Harris misrepresents or trivializes through misdirection and ignorance. So be it.

Here is my analysis of Harris’s assumptions and assertions published with The Huffington Post in an article titled What Sam Harris Gets Wrong About Racism and Violence in America.

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