Top 13 Songs for Beltane!

I don’t know about y’all but spring makes me want to crank up some feel-good, get-the-body-moving tunes! There is something lusty about all the fresh new green growth that makes you want to dance! All my friends and covenmates are dusting off the ribald jokes in honor of the unabashed sexuality of the earth as she sashays her way towards the peak of summer!

Here’s my Top 13 songs for Beltane. As always links open in a new window so you can enjoy without losing your place, so click away!

Agree? Disagree? Post your picks in comments!

13.  “Beltane Fires” by Gaia Consort

This is a great song to get folks warmed up before jumping that balefire!

12. “I Touch Myself” by The DiVinyls

Can any song be more fun or naughty than this?

11. “Huron (Beltane Fire Dance)” by Loreena McKennitt

Yes, Lady Loreena gets two on this list! What a great song to dance around a fire to! It just keeps building!

10. “Fire Leap” from The Wicker Man soundtrack

Creepiest fertility song ever.

9. “Breakdown” covered by Sharon Knight, T. Thorn Coyle and Winter

I love me some Tom Petty. Tom Petty performed by pretty Pagans makes me happy! This always makes me dance! Which makes it hard to type this!

8. “White Wedding” by Billy Idol

Weddings are taboo in May, which is why June weddings were such a popular custom. While I’ve heard it’s because it was unlucky to wed in Hera’s month, I kinda think everyone just wanted time for wild oats before tying the knot!

7. “Spring Strathspey” covered by Sky

Gwydion‘s song is catchy and all about the rush of romance that spring inspires in us all!

6. “Made Out Of Water” by Alice Dimicele

Sure, it’s a fire festival, but human’s are mostly made of water. Water and fire create steam, a symbol of passion. Plus this song is fun to dance to!

5. “Like A Prayer” by Madonna

Beltane is all about the intersection of religion and sex. Who does that better than the Material Girl?

4. “Freedom” by Spiral Rhythm

Absolutely amazing. Still as moving to me today as when I first heard it ten years ago. I AM freedom!

3. “Pipes of Pan” by Damh the Bard

If anyone personifies the wild abandon of Beltane, it’s Pan. IO Pan!

2. “Merry Mayfolk” by Emerald Rose

Emerald Rose was the first Pagan cd I ever bought and this song was on it. I adore it. It’s based on a poem by Alfred Noyes, it’s exuberant and joyous, and ever since the Lord of the Rings cast Oscar party hobbits and nazgul have been dancing the macarena to it. What more could you want from a Beltane song?

1. “The Mummers Dance” by Loreena McKennitt

Come on, could there by any other choice for number 1? Toss in the dance mix from the Ever After soundtrack and everyone is on the dance floor!

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