Heart Warming Story

The other day I went with a friend to visit her great-granddaughter, a little girl of only two and a half, called Amber. We went to take a crystal healing bracelet to aid her in her continued recovery from stomach cancer, which thanks to the Goddess appears to be completely successful.

It was my first visit to the little family, a Mother, three teenage daughters, and one child, living on a remote hill top in Mid Wales.

Before leaving I asked Amber’s grandmother if she would like me to work a healing, and if so could I have a little snippet of Amber’s hair. She told me to ask her mother who readily agreed. They asked which Goddess’s help I would enlist. So I explained my devotion to one of the most ancient Goddess known to humanity, Ursula, the Great She-Bear. the Neolithic Goddess of ‘Mother love’, for She epitomizes the strength a woman finds to protect her child.

The Neolithic cave bear stood about 9 feet tall when erect, huge and powerful with great teeth and claws yet a herbivore. She only fought when called upon to protect herself and her children, and humanity unfortunately soon hunted her to extinction.

This aspect of Goddess, as bear not woman is not widely known, so I explained how I first met Ursula when going through a most dark period of my life, many years ago. That I was fleeing from a bad partnership and feared for my safety and that of my children; in answer to my plea for Divine assistance Ursula came and She has remained here in my valley ever since.

As I finished explaining, to my surprise the Grandmother was nodding, and assured me she too had great faith in the Goddess Ursula.

As we drove away I felt sure everything was going to be alright; I was glad to have been able to offer support to all four generations, I knew ‘She’ had instigated it. I shared these positive feelings with the Great-Grandmother who told me how the grandmother was raised in a hippie community, a traveling family who lived in an old coach. At one moot it was though best if all the children slept together in the top of an old double-decker bus, where they would be kept both safe and warm, with the older children taking care of the younger ones. Tragically whilst their parents were celebrating the solstice the bus caught fire; and being the eldest she had led the children to safety through the thick black smoke, in the dark of night.

When asked by her parents how she had managed to find the way she had told them “I followed the big bear.”
And so I knew Ursula had brought us together.


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