Jezebel VS The Daily Show: Pagan Perspective

Which is why I’m glad the women of The Daily Show spoke up. In an informative and funny open letter they explain just how wrong Jezebel got the show’s culture. They proved that there was room at The Daily Show for funny, smart women of different ages, shapes, sizes, and color. Oh and casual dress code doesn’t tend to suggest the show is overly concerned with staffers being “pretty enough”.

Work is work. It’s about performance. If you need nurturing consider counseling, massage therapy, or teaching yoga as a career path. Don’t go into something as ruthless as television, construction or the military and complain that it’s an intense high-pressure environment that doesn’t support your emotional needs. You will have to find those things outside of your job in those fields, just like you’ll have to find competitive, high-energy outlets outside of more yin careers. It’s up to you to create the balance in your life, not your employer or co-workers.

Looking at this from a Pagan perspective, how many Goddesses would put up with whining that your job isn’t nurturing enough? Inanna has literally been to hell and back. Freya is ruthless when in pursuit of her goals and half the slain warriors hang out in her hall. The Morrígan delights in the horrors of battle. Diana Nemorensis’ priest was a runaway slave who only reigned until some other runaway slave defeated him in battle and took his place.

We need to stop dividing traits between the sexes. Saying that a fast-paced, high-pressure environment like The Daily Show is not nurturing enough for women and therefore sexist, not only disrespects the women working there by implying they aren’t feminine, but disrespects nurturing men by implying they are unnatural.

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  • Oh, and for the record: Olivia Munn, Beth Littleford and Stacy Glenrock Woods are funny. Why denigrate their talent and say they were hired for their looks? Unless it’s to feed into a paradigm of female victimhood?

  • Amen sister! Great post!

  • (applauseclapclapwhistleclapclapclap)


    I was going to quote some particularly “nail, meet hammer” lines, but there are too many. I’ve worked in construction and landscaping on and off for 20+ years, and found that my worst backstabbers and non team players were other women who were masking an overdeveloped sense of entitlement and personal insecurity problems as human rights issues.