August 31st: What’s in a day?

It’s the last day of August, the last summer month. Already I can feel how much cooler it is. The Wheel is turning and autumn is making it’s presence known.

Princess Diana died today, as did the Empress Theodora. Robert Mitchum was arrested for marijuana back in 1948 and Jack the Ripper murders his first victim. Sherman attacks Atlanta and Lewis & Clark head west.

Caligula, Maria Montessori, Buddy Hackett, Itzhak Perlman, Richard Gere and Queen Rania were born on this day. Henry V, John Bunyan, John Ford and Sally Rand died.

The moon is waning, in Taurus and soon will be Void of Course. Mercury is in retrograde until the 12th. The Sun is in Virgo.

I know today is just a day but it feels full of portent. Tomorrow’s sky will be a September sky, an autumn sky intensely blue. The the sun will shine slightly less on us tomorrow and the breezes will be a wee bit cooler.

For me autumn is the Witching season and I anticipate it almost as if it were a familiar lover returning to me. The next few months will be exciting and I will savor them. I keep grinning out my window, as if I can see autumn coming, he wagons full of orange leaves, pumpkins, squashes and cool, crisp breeze.

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  • P. Suf. Viri. Lup.

    I’ve had a few setbacks in recent weeks, which have made my publication schedule a little behind…but, that might be good. Putting out a new book after Mercury Retrograde ends might be a better idea all around…