Thoughts on Autumn

I don’t want to think about Christine O’Donnell or Eddie Long or any of the other issues and scandals rocking our nation. Something important has happened. Something tremendous. Something I have been longing and yearning for weeks to happen, if not months.

The leaves are changing, and with them, so is life changing. My entire being is renewed and refreshed by the sight of a handful of leaves. I have waited for autumn for so long! The heat of summer was oppressive and drear, but autumn, oh autumn is a familiar friend. Like an old lover that visits once a year to wrap me in has cardigan and whisper tales of woodsmoke in my ear. The fields are dying, the trees are turning inward, the breezes are cool and fresh. So I also shed the heat, stress and drama of the past summer and spring. I move into a season as cool, smooth and essential as bone. It’s an inward private joy that autumn brings.

In the coolness of this lovely September morning I’m not concerned with the issues that plague us, with the schisms and divisions. I could care less what trad you come from, which coven you belong to, what level of initiation, if any, you have acheived, which books you’re read or written, what title you carry and what Gods, if any, you reverence. I don’t care what drama you have, that you are trying to diminish, maintain or increase. I don’t care if you’re a kitchen-witch or bedecked in bling.

Right now, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, like me, you’re catching those cool breezes and little splashes of color are peeking out from the trees. If you’re in the southern hemisphere then there is warmth seeping into your days and buds and blooms beginning to sprout all over. The earth is calling to us. She is telling us to sit up, listen and pay attention. All of us are caught up is that bewitching hush. All of us are holding our breath in anticipation. Listen! Magic and transformation is taking place before our very eyes!

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  • Cool breezes? No way! Today’s temp was close to 100. I’m in the northern hemisphere, but in my neck of the woods this time of the year brings Santa Ana winds. They drop down out of the the Great Basin, pouring through canyons of the high Sierras, drying out and getting hotter as they lose altitude. The parched wind sweeps across the Los Angeles basin, raising temperatures, pushing tumbleweeds, fraying nerves, and often starting terrible fires that scent the air and drop ash on suburban driveways for miles. Finally the wind sweeps out out to sea where it stirs the ocean surface, and creates a Santa Ana fog. I understand the fishing is great then.