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I’ve had to find a quiet place to work today and have had an interesting morning, so as much as I have to say on many things today, I simply don’t have the focus to get it out.

Which is ok, because The Wild Hunt has a great news roundup today, including coverage of the TSA firing a Witch in what appears to be a case of religious discrimination.

Carole Smith

I found a really interesting translation of the Homeric Hymn to Hephaistos. The last line has become my new prayer:

Of Hephaestus, famously skilled, sweetly sing Muse,
who, with grey-eyed Athena, taught men to use
their shining art upon the Earth, men who used
to dwell in hill caves, like animals reduced.
But now, the shining skill having been learned through
Hephaestus, famous for his art, years renew
easily for men, at ease in their dwellings.
But, be gracious, Hephaestus; give us earnings
and most excellent virtue.

And because I need it and you’ll like it, have some of The Pretenders:

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