Earth Day: Love Your Mama!

As a counterpoint to the pervasive solemnity of Good Friday, today is Earth Day. All around us the irreverence of nature is bursting out. While my northern friends still battle snow, here all is green and lush.

How can we not love and care for the earth? She is abundant and bountiful. She gives us everything.Take time to care for her today.

The PNC has launched a new blog project called No Unsacred Place that you should check out today.

Watch this adorable plea to get Facebook to be more enviromentally friendly:

In Thomas Tryon’s horror novel, Harvest Home, the Widow Fortune, though rather murderous in her activities, gives an impassioned testimony of love for the Earth:

“She is all of woman, and more. She bears as a woman bears. She gives and sustains as a woman does, but a woman dies, being mortal. But she is not. She is ever fruitful. She is the Mother.”

“Lay a seed in her, she will bear. She will nourish and sustain, and in the sustaining give forth and provide. And that seed you give her will make another seed, and that another, and another, again and again – forever the Eternal Return.”

“Let us pay her tribute. Let us beg her for her strength and protection. Let us pray that she may bring forth her strong plants, her rich food, her very life. How selfish we are. We give her but a seed, a kernel, a dead thing. Yet see what she returns to us. Such bounty, such riches, such life! What mortal is there who cannot help but wonder at her, love her, fear her?”

Be well. Be a good Earth citizen. Love your Mother!

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