Happy Mother’s Day

I was going to share a story about one of my female ancestors today and encourage you to do the same. However, I’ve got a lot going on today, so I’m going to leave you with this prayer, and a wish that all Mothers and the women and men who support them find blessing on this day!

Hymn to the All-Mother

HAIL to our Mother who makes the yellow flowers to bloom–who scatters the seeds of the maguey as she comes from the Land Divine!
Hail to our Mother who casts forth white flowers in abundance!
Hail to our Mother who shines in the thorn bush as a bright butter-fly!
Ho! She is our Mother–the woman god of the earth. In the desert she feeds the wild beasts, and gives them to live.
Thus–thus you see her ever abundant in gifts to all flesh.
And as you see the goddess of earth give to the beasts, so also she is giving to the green herbs and the fishes.
Hail to our Mother who casts forth yellow flowers to the sun from the Land Divine!

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