Living in the Land of Hera

I am a romantic cynic. I love love, romance and all the ideals of marriage. I’m also quick to see the cracks, the selfish motives, the struggles and the heartbreak of marriage. I’m a hardened cynic. So it’s a bit funny that I have a 50/50 chance of being surrounded by a wedding every Saturday.

It’s strange to find yourself so firmly set in the realm of a God. It certainly gives your cynicism a jolt.

I’m going to be thinking about Hera this weekend as I clean, organize and continue to unpack my house. I’ll be thinking about her relationship to marriage, to cities, to the home, to the concept of fidelity, to motherhood. I’m going to think about what it means for me to live so snug in her realm.

What would you do if you found yourself in the realm of a God? If you lived next to a vineyard would you build an altar to Bacchus? If you found yourself by the ocean, watching ships sail by, would you begin devotions to Manannaan MacLir? If you moved to Pittsburgh, would you begin searching Weyland the Smith?

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