Let me tell you all about it…

Or not.

See, I thought I could at least unpack my feelings regarding initiation without revealing anything oathbound, but I can’t see any way to do that. Not in any useful fashion. But I can tell you a few useful things. You will likely be disappointed.

Initiation is not for the faint of heart or half-hearted.

If you honestly can’t enter in perfect love and perfect trust, you’d better not attempt it.

If you find a coven/tradition that you respect, love and cherish, it is an entirely worthwhile and utterly overwhelming experience (I know I can sometimes over-use strong emotive language, so multiply the import of the word “overwhelming” 200%).

It’s hard to kill a horse with a flute.

Much love and thanks to L. Jasmine, L. Solandrin, L. Larina, L. Gaelin, L. Moonshadow, L. Thespis and all the other amazing Witches who came to witness my initiation.

So much love and gratitude to Kevin, Dante, Jamey, and Aviva who worked hard to make this a special night.

And to my fellow initiate: we made it and I love ya, you Witch you!

*No horses were harmed in the initiating of this Witch.

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