Peter Dybing: A Pagan request for help in Haiti

Please take a moment to read this call to action from Peter Dybing:

Some may wonder how all this has been accomplished? Do we have unlimited funds like the big NGO’s? No in fact 100% for Haiti struggles along on a budget of $1,000.00 per month. Yet, today the world has turned its eyes from Haiti, appeals for funds go unanswered while millions of dollars sit unused in the accounts of Major NGO’s. With an additional 140 students in our school this year we are stretched beyond our capabilities.

Members of the Pagan community have proved they are generous when called upon to make a difference.

Today I am placing the call. Can you please support this worthy effort? We are not seeking large sums of money. It is in fact our small size that makes us so effective. We have no fancy fundraising materials, no adopt-a-child program, no tear jerking commercials, only real people making a difference with what little we have. Please consider joining us, committing to give a little in support of this effort. If you find that you can not commit funds to this effort, please forward this to others who may be able to assist.

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