Giving Thanks and Grieving

Long before the sun is up, my turkey is in the oven. It’s a small turkey but in terms of intimidation it’s ginormous. Still, I’m grateful to have it. Grateful to be able to cook a meal for my family. I have a lot to be thankful for, and I’m so glad to be able to celebrate that.

Yet I live where the trail of tears began. Thar’s gold in these here hills, and it’s caused a lot of heartbreak. I have ancestors who were Tsalagi (Cherokee) and though only a very small amount of their blood runs through my very Anglo-Saxon veins, I feel the grief of this day.

Maybe there’s not much I can do. I try to keep educated. I try to be mindful. Once the “mainstream” culture of these mountains was Tsalagi, and it was beautiful and vibrant. What has survived is beautiful and vibrant. Survival is something to be thankful for and you have to be thankful when the good things from the past survive, because so often they don’t.

Regardless of the grief in your life, in your past, in your region or in your country, I hope you have something to be thankful for today. Here’s to hoping that next year we all have more in our live for which to be grateful: family, friends, work, home, peace, justice, faith, hope.

Today I’m thankful for you. You give me a reason write. Whoever you are, nameless reader, you give me a reason to be mindful and share something of myself every day. Thank you.

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If you have a moment today, be mindful of the folks in the Occupy movement. Perhaps you can’t bring them food physically, but remember them today. I plan to set aside a plate for the Occupy folks, and thank them for doing what I can’t.

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Polytheistic Wiccan initiated into the Ravenwood tradition, she has many opinions. Some of them are actually useful.

  • Tara “Masery” Miller

    Your daily readers are thankful for you too Star.

  • AMH

    An article was posted over on The Wild Hunt a week or more ago about the changes taking place at the Air Force Acadmey. They were portrayed as being pro pagan, because the pagan religious group allowed itself to have it’s name changed to one that was ‘Earth Centered’ and there was some mention of Native American beliefs thrown in almost as an afterthought. My complaint about this, was that this was cited as evidence that the military was fighting Dominionism as I recall and hence, ‘more open minded.’ I suggested it was in fact a twisting of the Marxian dialectic back to a Hegleian one and was in fact part of the problem and given Mormonisms ties to Dominionism as an ideology, an abuse of Native American beliefs. Do you have an opinion and if so, would you consider writing a piece on this issue? I read your well measured and sincere response to the Tea Party and I think you would do a good job on this topic if you were so interested.

    • Star Foster

      Wow, that’s a heavy subject. I won’t make any promises but I’ll ponder it. Thanks for the idea!

  • LezlieKinyon

    And, thank you for posting your thoughts here.  Always thoughtful, sometimes provocative, and appreciated as a part of my week.  The music is great, too!  (I can talk music all day & night.)