Occupy Wall Street? I Think I Saw That Film…

It is that time of year. The time when you wrap up in a blanket and watch holiday movies. Generally the more sentimental and quirky, the better. And of course, regardless of religious belief, or even feelings about the holiday season, the number one holiday movie is and always will be It’s A Wonderful Life.

Sitting down to watch it for the first time this year, I was completely amazed at how relevant it is today. Honest, hard-working people just wanting to own a decent home being bullied by banks and just one little guy standing up for them. I’ve always been a big Capra fan, and it recently occurred to me that You Can’t Take It With You could be a Tea Party manifesto of sorts, calling for less taxes and less intrusive government.

At any rate, there are a lot of old films that speak to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Here are a few:

It’s A Wonderful Life

This film is basically Occupy Wall Street in a nutshell.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

I wanted the clip with the speech from Sherwood Forest where he explains to Marian what he’s doing, but this feisty little snippet will have to do the trick.

The Best Years of Our Lives

Maybe the best film ever about returning vets. Watch with a hanky.

The Grapes of Wrath

Remember when tens of thousands of people were out of work and losing their homes across the country? No, not yesterday, I mean the time this happened before. You know, when financial speculation almost ruined the country the last time. Isn’t it funny that once the people who lived through the Great Depression began to fade or pass away, this crap happened again?

Oh, and here in Atlanta, OWS helped a cop facing foreclosure. Which is awesome.

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