So this is Christmas…

Such a quiet day. There is a hushed stillness over the land. I imagine in homes all across the country children have woken to find Santa has arrived. There is excitement and giddy and the fumbling of parents for coffee and tea.

In a way, I suppose today marks the end of my solitary experiment. Did I enjoy it? I did. It was nice to have a season free of stress and obligations to traditions I don’t much care for. Would I do it again? I don’t think so.

While I needed this season of hush, I think the solstice season reminds us that we are light-bearers. As the light returns to us, so we bear the light for each other. Sometimes others need our light. Sometimes we are the ones in need of illumination. Sometimes when we all actively bear our lights it’s a joyous, splendid thing.

So next year I will deck my halls. I will hang stockings. I will top my tree with a blazing sun as I have in years past. I will feast, drink and make merry. And I will endeavor to keep it from being stressful or overwhelming, but I will keep a merry Yuletide with those I love.

And further, I will decorate for Imbolc, and dye eggs at Ostara, fill the house with flowers at Beltane, relish bonfires at Summer Solstice, bake loaves of bread at Lammas, feast heartily at Mabon, and dive right into both the dread and mischievous aspects of Hallows. I will treat each of the seasonal holidays as equals, and celebrate them with equal fervor.

So here’s to a year of laughter, love and merriment! May you be surrounded by those you love, may have all you need and all you desire! May you bear the light forth to your fellow human in need!
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