What A Crazy Day…

Yesterday I woke up, did the requisite morning ritual of stretching, yawning and hygiene, and then in something atrocious-looking but comfortable I planted myself before my laptop to begin my day. Except I didn’t stay there. In a strange turn of events, I ended up on television.

Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasting has a program called Soul Stories, and an initiate of Grove of Phoenix Rising was going to be on the program with her mother. Unfortunately, her mother fell ill and had to cancel. The ever-industrious Lady Miraselena of GoPR contacted me about stepping in, and I found myself saying yes before I could think better of it.

My last experience with television wasn’t a bang-up success. Bad hair, bad lighting, bad equipment, misinformation and a hostile environment. It was like the Hindenburg. However, yesterday’s taping was very pleasant. The staff at AIB were friendly and professional, the show went smoothly and my hair looked fantastic. It felt good and I found myself looking longingly around the studio imagining what a Pagan television news program would look like. It was a fantastic experience and I’ll admit to walking away a bit covetous of the AIB facilities. When it hits the web I’ll be sure to post it here.

Afterwards I went to the Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore, an Atlanta institution. There, beautifully displayed, was the new magical line by Haumea Botanicals. Made by Lamyka of Lamyka’s Wiccan Podcast, they’re just fantastic products and they were beautifully packaged. And there they were, all the way from Hawai’i to Atlanta.

I stood there and looked at the display for a moment and felt hopeful. All over the world Pagans are doing amazing things. Witches, Druids, Hellenes, Heathens, and every other stripe of Pagan. Every day.

So I bought one of Haumea Botanicals “Lucky” spell/lotion bars because they make my hands feel amazing. And I thought about the pleasant television experience I’d just had. The future is bright. I felt like I saw a glimpse of it yesterday. It was a good day.

About Star Foster

Polytheistic Wiccan initiated into the Ravenwood tradition, she has many opinions. Some of them are actually useful.

  • kenneth

    I’m glad the television thing worked out this time.  It sounds like this outfit had some real interest in doing a serious journalistic piece rather than a setup.  I still remember that smarmy bastard, the monsignor, who decided in advance that we’re just a catch basin for damaged people and nihilists. 

  • WhiteBirch

    Star, I remember the other interview from when it was current, and while I agree it wasn’t the best interview in the world… I still think you were a pretty good representation for us, I mean, nobody was going to come out looking good because they stacked the deck against you, but you came off a lot better than most people would have. I actually think it was probably the first time I had heard of Patheos or your writing (I know, I live under a rock) and I was impressed enough to have become a regular reader in that time!

    That said, I’m glad it went a little better this time, and that you feel it was a productive decision to do the interview this time. Also that you had good hair. That’s always helpful to the confidence.