Girl Scouts and Transgender Girls

I’ve never had a lot of pride in my Girl Scout career. It intersected with a difficult time in my life, and being more of a camping than a sleepover kind of girl, I always felt drawn more to the rough and tumble outdoorsy Boy Scouts. Besides, I always hated that we had to sell those damn cookies in the bitter cold of winter.

So it suddenly feels strange to have this huge sense of pride in my years as a Brownie, Junior and Cadette since the revelation that GSUSA has been fully including transgender girls in their scouting program. Such a sense of pride that all my scouting sisters are included, and that the organization I participated in is so socially and compassionately progressive, especially in comparison to the bigotry expressed by the Boy Scouts of America.

So I although I generally avoid buying cookies and prefer to just give the troop setting up a table in the cold a donation, I plan to buy cookies as well as leave a donation this year.

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