Hijacking Paganism in the Media

Imagine people began to refer to all people who wear religious jewelry as Catholic. The wearing of a Star of David could be characterized as the “Catholic Agenda,” and shops selling pentacles provided as proof of Catholicism on the rise. It’s a complete misuse of the word Catholic. It’s confusing. It’s inappropriate. It makes it seem as if Catholicism isn’t a real religion.

When Gingrich referenced Paganism the other day, he was talking about secularism. He was talking around us. He was speaking as if we aren’t here, as if we don’t exist. The way he was using the name of our faith, he dismissed us as irrelevant and invisible.

Which is why I responded the way I did yesterday. My response was as if he was talking about us. That’s my usual response when people invoke the names of our faiths. Because I refuse to be dismissed as irrelevant. I refuse to engage on their terms. I hijack the debate.

I think that’s what we have to do. I don’t think we can give ground on this. I don’t think we can stand idly by while people speak as if we don’t exist.

Anyway, those are my thoughts very early on a Saturday morning after not enough sleep. I have a very busy day ahead. I hope you have an excellent weekend. Have some music:


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