14 Songs for Lupercalia (Valentines Day)

I could use some music today. How about you?

I’m officially filing this under 13 Things, but I had to add a little extra awesomeness.

Read more on Lupercalia. Always makes me think of Mark Anthony running naked through the streets of Rome. Rawr!

14. Tainted Love – Soft Cell


13. Pagan Girl – Emerald Rose


12. Sunshine of Your Love – Cream


11. This Kiss – Faith Hill

10. It’s Friday I’m In Love – The Cure

9. Just Because – Gaia Consort

8. Hey Good Lookin’ – Hank Williams Sr.

7. Sunday Kind Of Love – Etta James


6. Go Away Godboy – S.J. Tucker


5. Venus – Shocking Blue


4. The Best Thing About Me Is You – Ricky Martin

3. Perhaps Love – John Denver and Placido Domingo

2. Deeper Than The Holler – Randy Travis


1. I Know My Love – The Corrs and The Chieftains


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