Johnny Depp Making WM3 Film?

Word on the street is Depp’s production company optioned Damien Echols still-to-be-written memoir for a movie. Pretty nebulous in a way, but still exciting. Here’s media maven Perez Hilton on the story:

Johnny Depp and his partner Christi Dembrowski and their Infinitum Nihil production company just nabbed the rights to an upcoming memoir about the West Memphis Three… which is being written by one of the Three himself — Damien Echols!

It’s still soon-to-be-published and still as-yet-untitled, but it reveals Echols’ experiences on death row after his wrongful conviction and subsequent wrongful 18-year imprisonment for the 1993 murder of three eight-year-old boys in West Memphis, Arkansas. In other words, it’s ripe and ready for the film treatment for sure! Plus, Depp has been eyeing the story for years!

Here’s a video of Depp speaking in support of the WM3 before they were released:


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