Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence

Apparently protests are going on at PantheaCon. T. Thorn Coyle has posted this on her FB page:

Gender queers & trans allies at Pantheacon: I will sit in silent meditation outside San Martin/San Simeon at 8:45pm Sunday as counterpoint to “genetic women only” activity starting there at 9pm. All bodies=sacred. Pass it on.

There are PNC members on the ground following the story and when they catch their breath they will be reporting the facts. It’s a hectic conference and hard to find time to breathe.

And until then, I will remain silent.

I will not jump to conclusions.

I will not demonize anyone before I have the whole story.

I will not speak of the events happening at PantheaCon as if I am there, because I am not.

I’m not present to see for myself, and I will remember this.

I will not spread misinformation.

I will not launch into a diatribe based on rumor.

I will wait to hear from reliable sources what is actually happening this weekend before writing about it.

I recently discovered that I didn’t have the full story of what transpired last year.

I’m angry about that.

I feel betrayed.

I feel used.

So this year I will be silent.

Just as T. Thorn Coyle is protesting in silence, so I will hold silence on the subject here on Pantheon.

I pledge not to write about the events currently happening in San Jose until I can make a thorough inquiry via multiple reliable sources who have been actually present and witnessed the events happen.

I’m not going to go off half-cocked and incite a wildfire in the blogosphere.

I hope you join me in this pledge.

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