Lupercalia: I Haz A Happy

Planning to write something serious, I saw this picture this morning and it brought a smile to my face:

Kind of disturbingly funny too, considering two male goats and a dog were the traditional sacrifices, and patrician Luperci were anointed with the blood of the sacrifice, then expected to smile and laugh.

Instead of that, why not look at some pictures of some cute puppies and goats? We can smile and laugh at those and still celebrate the season.

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  • Kat Emralde

    Hooray for cute puppies and goats :)

  • Donna

    “two male dogs and a goat were the traditional sacrifices”

    The Wikipedia article says two male goats and one dog are the traditional sacrifices.

    • Star Foster

      “Strike that. Reverse it.” – Willy Wonka

      Thanks, I’ll correct it.

  • Lisa

    There really isn’t anything much cuter than a baby goat.