Opening Up To Love

Tomorrow is Valentines Day, beloved of romantics and dreaded by cynics. Even I, veritable grump and Grinch that I am, am not immune to the vibe in the air.

Love is an emotion that needs open windows, fresh air and room to dance. For many Pagans love forms a key component of their faith. Wiccans are known for valuing “Perfect Love.” Most of us consider love an integral part of our human nature, and many of the rights we fight for are based on love.

As I was considering what to write today Loggin’s and Messina’s Danny’s Song played on my Pandora station:

And even though we ain’t got money
I’m so in love with you honey
And everything will bring
A chain of love.

I thought that was so meaningful in this time we live in. There are riots in Greece, and economic despair everywhere. So many people’s lives are in upheaval. So much is uncertain.

So what do we have to fall back on? What do we have to sustain us in the year to come?


Love is free. Love knows no boundaries. It is present in the laughter of friends. It thrives in the lover’s kiss. It blooms in a child’s heart. Love sustains us.

Just listen to music. Most songs are about love: finding it, keeping it, cherishing it, and losing. Love isn’t just important to humans, it’s critical to leading a happy life. I can’t find it now, but I recall reading a story about an orphanage where infants were dying even though all their basic needs were met. The caregivers decided to spend time with each baby every day holding it, singing to it and showing it love and kindness. The mortality rate of infants in the orphanage went down dramatically. They concluded that shelter, food, clothing, and water were not enough to sustain life. Love is also a necessity.

So for Valentines Day, or Lupercalia, I hope you spend some time giving and receiving love. Spend time with friends and family. Make plans with a lover. You don’t have to do anything expensive. You don’t have to do anything flashy. You just need to be open to love. Give love room in your heart.

Love is all you need.
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