Quickie: Wicker Tree Party in ATL?

So if I could convince the Atlanta Midtown Art Cinema to get The Wicker Tree, how many of my local peeps would come out to see it? Because the window of opportunity to see it on the big screen is tiny, and we could all go to Park Tavern afterwards and argue about how good/bad it was and reminisce about The Wicker Man.

You know it would be fun, and a fantastic story to tell. I’ve heard stories of Pagans going to see The Wicker Man on the big screen back in the 1970’s. Picture yourself in a rocking chair telling young whippersnappers how you went to see it with a group of Pagans, and how you all dissected it over burgers and beer afterwards.

If you’re interested, sign up for the Facebook event. Maybe we can convince Midtown Art Cinema by sheer force of numbers!

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