Hekate’s Deipnon: Time To Mop Up

In Hellenic religion, today is the Deipnon. Part of a 3 day religious observance at the time of the dark and new moon.

It’s a time to close up unfinished business before the new moon appears. People pay any remaining bills, respond to all correspondence, donate to a food shelter, make offerings to Hekate, and clean house.

I’ve never celebrated the Deipnon before. I’m giving it a shot today, and my roommates are rather serendipitously on board, as they have guests arriving tomorrow, and are eager to clean today.

So today is all about cleaning, top to bottom. Reorganizing, scrubbing, freshening, washing, airing out and all those good things. Tonight I”ll leave an offering at the crossroads (a three-way crossroads can be the end of your driveway) and start preparing for the second part of the 3-day observance, the Noumenia.


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